• To be able to work with Google Extensions
    • Details of Google Extensions that are supported
    • Set up of Extensions on the Dashboard
    • Tracking Extensions
    • Reports
    • Limitations
    • Comparison Summary

Extensions basics

·         What are they?

  • Extra information that augments standard Google ads
  • They make your ads more inviting by giving more information. For example, you can extend  your ad by including your store address or phone number.


location ext

Supported extensions

What extensions does AdLens support?

1. Location extensions

1 location

2. Call /phone extension

2 call extension
3 sitelinks

4. Product listings

4 pla

5. Product extensions

5 product extension

Details of supported extension types

  • As with standard Cost-Per-Click (CPC) bidding, you are charged for each click your ad that leads to your site.
    • Those clicks could be on  product images, additional links, or other features in the ad extensions family.
  • For location extensions that appear on Google Maps, you won't be charged for clicks on your ad that expand the info windows on the map interface, but you will be charged for clicks on the info window leading to your website.
  • When a user clicks the phone number on your ad to call your business, you will be charged for a click. The cost of a click to call your business is the same as the cost of a click to visit your website.

See http://adwords.google.com/support/aw/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=141826 for more information

1. Location extension

  • Address with map icon plus box; optional phone number
  • Can add “manual” locations (no integration with Google Places)
  • Max of nine locations per campaign (the one closest to the user appears in the ad)
  • No URL to which we can add AdLens tracking; it is a Google map link
1 location-b

2. Call extension

  • Clickable Phone number beneath the ad; shown on mobile devices
  • Visible to high-end mobile device users with full browsers.
  • Only one phone extension per campaign.
  • Appropriate if the business has a national service center or is not tied to a specific location.
  • No URL where we can add AdLens tracking
2 call extension_b
  • Include additional links to other content on your site that's not on the main landing page
  • Appear for search-based ads on Google.com and Google Search Network partners
  • Available globally
  • Up to 10 per campaign – six maximum showing at once
  • Link text max = 35 characters. Languages using double-width characters (such as Chinese, Japanese, and Korean) max = 17 characters.
  • The Destination URL is limited to 1024 max characters.
3 sitelinks_b

Now also Extended Sitelinks!

3 sitelinks_extended

Google uses the destination URL to find relevant ads with your account and show them as well. There is currently no way to control what appears.

More information, more real estate should lead to further improvements in CTR.


Sitelinks are now also on Bing!

4. Product extensions

•       Requires Google Merchant Center Account (GMA) and valid product feed

•       Product info in a plusbox in a standard Google.com search ads, Google Image ads when opted into the Search Network, and on m.google.com when viewed on high-end mobile devices using full Internet-enabled browsers

•       Do NOT appear on other Search Network sites, or on Display Network sites. 

•       Product info that is extracted from a GMA product feed appears in the ads

•       Standard keyword targeting

•       CPCs only paid when a user clicks through to the site; expanding the box is free

5 product extension_b

5. Product listings

  • Requires Google Merchant Account and valid product feed
  • Is a stand-alone product ad format; in AdWords, choose “product listing ad” instead of “text ad”
  • Is not triggered by keywords; is triggered by user’s search term that Google translates to “product targets”
  • Products appear with information like image, price, and merchant name.
  • Will show a set of relevant products for a given search and may show a competitor’s ad for the same product alongside
  • Clicks are charged on a cost-per-click basis
4 pla_b

Setting up extensions

Where do I find Ad Extensions in AdWords

Click the Campaign tab and then the Ad Extensions tab

Where do I find Ad Extensions in AdWords

Where do I Create Ad Extensions in the AdLens Dashboard

Drill into the Search tab and the extensions setting.

  1. Go to the Search tab.
  2. Click Extensions.
  3. Click Create Extension.
  4. Select the type you want to create.
Where do I Create Ad Extensions in the AdLens Dashboard 1

Multiple extensions can also be added in one go.

Where do I Create Ad Extensions in the AdLens Dashboard 2

Targeting product listings (Adwords)

  • Use product targets, which allow you to select which products are eligible to be shown in product listing ads, and allow you to bid differently on different sets of products.
  • Specify at least one product target to run product listing ads.
    • Do it from AdWords on the Auto Targets tab that appears if the Merchant Center account is linked to a campaign.
    • Specify All Products or define groups of products at the ad group level by choosing attributes from your Google Merchant Center feed and set which values those attributes should have.
    • Can use these feed attributes as targets:
      • Product_type
      • Brand
      • Condition
      • Adwords_grouping (one value per product)
      • Adwords_labels (multiple values per product)
targetting pla

Targeting product listings AdLens

Product targets can also be set up via AdLens

targetting pla in adlens
targetting pla in adlens b

Product listings setup

  • If a client wants Google to bid differently based on product targets, which are at the ad group level, set up separate ad groups.
  • For example, if the client wants Google to bid based on a product target that is an adwords_grouping (it is specified on a per product line basis in the feed), set up a different ad group per adwords_grouping value.
  • Don’t forget to specify the target value for each ad group

Product Extensions versus Listing

Product Extensions vs. Listing

Showing The Product Info in Ads

Client must have

  1. A Google Merchant Account (GMA)
  2. A valid & approved product data feed in the GMA
  3. GMA linked to the AdWords account

Merchant Account product data feed

•       A text file that contains all the information about the products being advertised.

•       The different product information data points are described.

•       The client is responsible for this.


AdLens tracked URLs must be added to the Adwords_Redirect column of the feed.

Merchant Account Product Feed

Merchant Account Product Feed
  • Certain fields are mandatory and used for product targeting

•       Brand

•       product_type

•       Condition

•       adwords_grouping

•       adwords_labels

Google Merchant Account & AdLens

Google Merchant Account & AdLens


•       No API integration between AdLens and Google Merchant Account

•       Tracking generation:

•       generated within AdLens U

•       can be done in bulk

•       The client must manually add the tracking URLs to its GMA feed and upload it

Generating AdLens tracking for Product Extensions and Product Listings

Go to Tools tab --> Tracking

Generating AdLens tracking for Product Extensions and Product Listings

Sample tracking format:  http://pixel.everesttech.net/1661/c?ev_sid=3&ev_ln={keyword}&{copy:ev_crx}&{copy:ev_mt}&{copy:ev_n}&ev_ltx={adtype}:spring%20sandals&ev_ptid={adwords_producttargetid}&url=http://www.shoebuy.com/sandals

Example URL with AdLens Tracking

example url with AMO tracking

Reporting on extensions

In a Transaction report, you can see whether the click was on a sitelink, product extension or PLA.

Sitelinks are denoted ‘sl:’

Product Extensions: ‘pe:’Product Listing Ads: ‘pla:’

Externsion reporting


  • For Mobile and Local, Google has metrics for only Google.com search and Google's Search Partners
  • Call and Location extension URLs are Google controlled and do not allow for AdLens tracking. If the user clicks this URL instead of the main ad URL, we cannot track the click (or revenue) for these.
  • Google does not differentiate between click on ad headline versus on actual extension link
  • For product extensions, metrics by different product line items within the ad are not available (Google limitation)

Support summary

support summary

Targeting and bidding

Targeting & Bidding_both

Product Extension Ads and Product Listing Ads:



Google Merchant Account product feed:



Product Extensions & Listing Ad targeting using filters:



Product Listings campaign setup best practices:


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