Google Bulksheet SE Error : Add operation not permitted

Issue Description as reported by a user:

Bulksheet error’s out and error message is “Add operation not permitted”. Can we get a little more clarity on why this is occurring? The intent is to upload campaigns so that ad groups can also be uploaded, but everything is failing because the campaign entities cannot be uploaded.

Reasons for the error:

This error happens when adwords login in AMO doesn’t have permissions to upload entities into the Adwords account

Scenario 1

Login into the Adwords account and verify the ‘Account Access’. AMO should have either Standard or Administrative access . Read-Only access is to View campaigns and run reports only.



Scenario 2

As shown in the screenshot below 2 ef-support logins are created to access the same Adwords account.

Those 2 logins have been added to AMO but with different se_acctids

In the ad words account verify the ‘Customer ID’ which is the se_acctid in our system and disable the wrong account in our system. In the below example account with se_acctid = 8330429934 needs to be disabled.


          acct_name           |               login                |  managed | se_acctid


IT0316 VEICOMM SRL           |   | m       | 6300397581

Italy_IT0316P_Veicomm S.R.L. | | m       | 8330429934

Add Operation

Scenario 3

By mistake if someone added an MCC account in our UI, then we will not be able to upload bulksheets into it. Below account has been added to AMO

Customer ID = 833-042-9934

As shown in the screenshot below it’s an MCC account and needs to be disabled.


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