To be able to effortlessly navigate the Social tab on the AdLens

  • Social sub tab
  • Bulksheets sub tab
  • Creative Assets sub tab

The Social tab

Social tab
  • The top-level Social tab is where all campaign optimization work takes place
  • From here, you can change and monitor your social campaigns
  • There are three sub tabs:
    • Social
    • Bulksheets
    • Creative assets

Social tab

Social tab2
  • The Social sub tab is where all performance data for your campaigns can be seen at account, campaign or ad level, as well as being able to aggregate by different elements of the ads, or by different target segments.
  • There are also different options to create new ads and edit or manage existing ads.

General layout of the view

General Layout of the View



Under the accounts tab, you can find all existing linked social accounts, along with performance stats for the date range selected.


  • Under the campaigns tab, you have performance at the campaign level.
  • You can check or modify campaign settings by clicking the cog wheel next to the campaign name
  • From this tab you can add campaigns to portfolios, assign labels to campaigns, or modify Ad Rotation or Day-Parting settings.
  • You can also jump straight into the Bulk Ad Generating tool by clicking that button.


  • The ads tab has performance at the individual ad level.
  • You can check or modify settings for the ad by clicking the cog wheel next to image.
  • From this tab, you can create new individual ads manually or go straight to the Generate Bulk Ads tool.

Ad elements

ad elements
  • The Ad Elements tab aggregates data at the ad element level.
  • Any ad with the same element, regardless of targeting of that ad has its data aggregated together, allowing you to judge in a simplistic way, which elements are working well.
  • You can aggregate by Ad Title, Ad Description, Ad Image, or Unique Ads.
  • The number of creatives that have that element and so are being aggregated together is shown in the second column (by default).


  • The Targets tab works similarly to the Ad Elements tab, but here it aggregates data by a particular aspect of the target segment.
  • For example, selecting to aggregate by Age Range aggregates performance data for all ads that have the same age range targeting settings.
  • You can aggregate by any of the target segment options, including Age Range, Gender, Country, Interests, and so on.


  • The Labels tab shows performance data based on the labels that have been assigned to different elements of the campaigns.
  • Labels can be assigned at the campaign or ad level.
  • From the Labels tab, you can also manage constraints that can be assigned to those labels.


  • The Bulksheets tab is the place to go to create or change ads in bulk.
  • From here, you can Generate Bulk Ads, download or upload bulksheets or add new creatives into a Multivariate Set.
  • You will see a list of all bulksheets that have been downloaded or uploaded within the last 30 days. After 30 days the bulksheets are deleted.

Creative Assets

creative assets
  • The Creative Assets tab is a library of all Images that have been uploaded to use in ads.
  • It is best to upload images here before creating ads, rather than uploading and creating ads at the same time.
  • To upload more than one image at a time, save the images in a zipped folder (ensuring there are no subfolders within the zipped folder).
  • Make sure that images comply with Facebook policy and are the right size.

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