Animate Developer Center

Getting Started

Jump in and create your first Animate document, learn Animate in five steps, or check out our Animate learning guides.

Animate in detail

Animation Learning Guide

Explore the many ways to create and control your animations, from motion tweens to ActionScript classes.

Components Learning Guide

Reduce your development time and effort by using these Animate building blocks for creating rich interactive applications on the web.

Graphic Effects Learning Guide

Apply features like filters and blend modes to enhance the look and feel of your projects.

Video Learning Guide for Animate

Dive into this guide to learn best practices about video on the web: key concepts, capturing and encoding video, integrating captions, and embedding video on web pages.


Designing for a multi-device, multi-resolution world

Joseph Labrecque (Nov 26, 2012)

Learn how to enable a multi-screen layout for a Animate-based game menu to work across devices of varying screen resolutions seamlessly.

Optimizing Animate performance

Keith Gladstien (Oct 22, 2012)

Learn best practices to optimize Animate animations and applications.

Using the Adobe Animate Sprite Sheet Generator

Chris Georgenes (May 07, 2012)

Discover how to convert a looping animation into a sprite sheet using the Animate Sprite Sheet Generator.

Samples and templates

ActionScript 3 samples for CS5

Explore these ActionScript 3 samples demonstrating features common in Animate development, including 3D, masking, transition effects, and interactivity.

Web video template: Media presentation with details

Create compelling video presentations by using an interactive gallery template that displays rich media assets.


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