How to capture Analytics events and use them with Audience Manager Traits

Analytics events (conversion events, success events) are fired from Analytics calls and can be passed to Audience Managee by using Client Side DIL or Server Side Forwarding. Using either method, it is possible to get events from Analytics hits.


In many cases events appear as a list, like is shown above: "event1,event20,event100". In this case, it is necessary to use the condition “contains” instead of “equals” when creating a trait. However, if you search for c_events contains "event1" then data from other events like “event10" "event100” would be included as well, causing more data to be gathered than is applicable.


To handle this situation, you will need a two-part expression:

c_events contains “event1,” OR c_events endswith “event1”

Note that the first part includes a comma at the end of the comparis string, and the second uses the endswith operator.


This will match when event1 is in the middle of a list or at the end of a list.