Key steps to send a message

To learn the delivery best practices, consult the Delivery best practices getting started.

The steps to create and send messages are as follows:

  1. Create an Email, a SMS, a direct mail or a push notification marketing activity. Refer to Creating an email, Creating a SMS, Creating a direct mail delivery and Creating a push notification.

  2. Select the audiences of your message. Refer to Creating audiences.

  3. Define the message content and its personalization elements. Refer to the content editor for email or specific content for other channels.

  4. Start preparing the send to calculate the target population and generate the message contents. Refer to Approving messages.


    You can set global cross-channel fatigue rules that will automatically exclude oversollicited profiles from campaigns. See Fatigue rules.

  5. Send proofs. Refer to Sending proofs.

  6. Send the message and check its delivery. Refer to Sending messages.

  7. Check the dedicated delivery reports. Refer to Accessing reports.

Advanced message parameters are detailed in the Configuring channels sections.

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