Learn about the Captivate Prime account settings that you can configure as an administrator.

You can change your Administrator profile settings and update your Account settings. View your profile information, add/change profile photo, and modify About me content. Update your company info, set up log in methods for users, and set up connect integration through account settings.

Account settings

To update your organization's account settings, click Settings on the left pane. 

Basic info (Company info)
Click Change on the page and edit country, timezone, locale, and financial year settings. 

Configure contact admin

If you want to add or change the support administrators email addresses for your organization , you can configure by clicking General on the left pane. Click Change adjacent to Support Email ID and add the email ids. Email is sent to these administrators when learner clicks Contact Admin at the footer of the page. 

Add additional email-ids with semi-colon as a separator.  

Login methods
Administrators can choose the mode using which your internal or external users can access the account. 

  • Internal users: For internal users, you can set Adobe ID or Single Sign-on as a log in mode. 
  • External users: For external users, you can set Adobe ID or Single Sign-On or Captivate Prime ID. If you choose, Captivate Prime ID, external users can log into this account after creating their Captivate Prime username and password.

Note: If there are multiple external profiles set, all profiles can have any one type of login. For example, if login type is Adobe ID, all profiles have to login using Adobe ID only. Each profile cannot have its individual login type.

You can access Captivate Prime application using Adobe ID or by using Single Sign-On. Single sign‑on is a mechanism that allows a user to authenticate once and gain access to multiple applications many number of times. This configuration is not mandatory for the organization. If your organization has SAML 2.0 based SSO provider, you can use it to configure Captivate Prime application. The configuration is required at your organization level and at Captivate Prime application. If you choose to use SSO, contact Adobe support to receive configuration instructions


Click Feedback on the left pane to set up the questionnaire to get feedback from learners after completing a course. Refer to courses feature help content on creating L1 and L3 feedback. 

Multi attempts

Select Settings > General > Multiple Attempts. 

If you enable the ‘Multi Attempts’ check box, then the Authors can set ‘Multiple attempts’ for interactive e-learning courses or modules .On selecting the second checkbox, administrators can set ‘Infinite attempts’ by default for any newly created interactive e-learning courses.

multi attempts configuration by admin
Enable/ Disable multi attempts

Course Moderation

Click General from the left pane, and select the Course Moderation option to enable the Course Moderation functionality. To know more about this feature, see Course Moderation.

Discussion Board

If you enable the Discussion Board check box, then the learners and instructors can post comments for courses using the Discussion tab from the Courses page in the Learners App. However, if course level settings indicate that this feature is not selected, then the course level settings take precedence over administrator settings.

Learner Dashboard

From the left pane, click Learner Dashboard. This page allows you to choose the widgets that you want to display on the Learners page. Select the widgets that you want to enable in the Learners Page. The widgets that are not selected will not appear on the Learners page.

Adobe Connect

Click Adobe Connect on the left pane to configure Adobe Connect account to host virtual classroom sessions. For more information, refer to Adobe Connect feature help. 

Enable/disable settings from the Captivate Prime administrator app
Enable/disable settings from the administrator app

Renaming Learning objects


This feature is only available in English language.

Administrators can now rename Learning Objects in Captivate Prime. The following are the terminologies that can be renamed.

Learning Program
Learning Plan
Job Aid
My Learning
Core Content
Self Paced
Virtual Classroom

To rename the terminologies, follow these steps.

  1. As an Administrator, click Settings > General > Product Terminology. The product terminology option opens. 

    Product terminology
    Product terminology
  2. Changes can be made by uploading a modified product terminology template by downloading the sample CSV file. To download the sample CSV file, click on the Download here option.

  3. The downloaded CSV file contains the name of the objects in coloum A. In coloumn B, choose the name you want to assign to the respective object. Note that you need to update the singular and plural form of the name separated by a (|).

  4. You can choose to modify one or more rows. You can either retain the non-modified rows or remove them from the CSV file before uploading them.

  5. Upload the modified CSV file and click Save. Captivate Prime refreshes reflecting your changes.

  6. To reset to default terminologies, click Reset Product Terminology.

    Reset product terminology
    Reset product terminology

Profile settings

  1. Click the drop-down arrow at the upper-right corner, adjacent to your photo/account and choose Profile Settings.

    Profile Settings
    Profile Settings

  2. From the pop-up dialog, you can add/change a photo by hovering the mouse and by clicking Edit in the profile photo area.

  3. Add/modify About content by clicking Edit adjacent to it. 

  4. Click Save.

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