Unable to view certain course under catalog while creating a Learning Program


Captivate Prime Learning Programs are renamed to Learning Paths. This change happens immediately after the October 2021 release and the terminology of Learning Path is reflected for all roles.


While searching for a particular course to add it to a Learning Program, you are unable to view the course under the catalog.

Types of enrollment

There are three enrollment type in Captivate Prime:

  • Self-enrolled
  • Manager nominated
  • Manager approved

Self enrolled

Learners can directly enroll themselves to these types of courses.

Manager approved

These courses must be approved by Managers. Learners can sign-up for these courses, but they are not enrolled directly to these type of courses without Manager’s approval. A notification request is sent to Managers when learners sign-up for these types of courses. Upon Manager's approval, these courses will be listed as enrolled for learners.

Manager nominated

These courses can only be nominated by managers. A Learner cannot enroll to these types of courses.

What's next

In a Learning program, you can only add self enrolled courses and not Manager nominated or Manager approved courses.

This is a default behavior in Captivate Prime.


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