Getting Started: Benefits of a Tag Management System - a focus on Dynamic Tag Management

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Benefits of a Tag Management System - a focus on Dynamic Tag Management

This article speaks to the basics of tag management and walks through how Dynamic Tag Management can specifically benefit your business.

What is a Tag Management System (TMS)?

Tag management systems are designed to make implementing and managing marketing and analytics tags on your site easier through the use of a container tag.

A container tag is a single code snippet that when placed in your site markup is capable of triggering countless tags on your site.

This approach reduces strain on the IT group and places the control in the marketers’ hands. 

Why Dynamic Tag Management (DTM)?

Dynamic Tag Management takes the tag management approach described above and enhances it through a straightforward yet highly capable design with integrated scenario and timing control.

Consider the following as you decide if Dynamic Tag Management is right for your business.

Improved site performance

With Dynamic Tag Management marketing and analytics tags are moved from the markup of your site into the DTM library. This in itself reduces page load time as the DTM library is optimized for file compression and speed.

However, this performance affect is enhanced even further through the use of the conditional controls and asynchronous methods DTM offers.

Conditional controls make it easy to ensure tags are only triggered when needed eliminating unnecessary code deployment.

Asynchronous loading forces tags to stay out of the way of the page greatly reducing the burden on page render.

Increased control, decreased risk

With less reliance on IT you’ll be able to deploy and manage tags on your watch.

This means less commitment and risk in deploying vendor tags and increased agility to keep up with new tool / tag features.

Plus, DTM has built-in features to ensure compliance with data privacy policies and prevent vendor tags from interfering with your site or leaking data to 3rd parties.

Work faster and more efficiently

Dynamic Tag Management takes a behavior-centric approach and leverages comprehensive integrations and data-centralization to make tag deployment easy.

The behavior-centric approach allows for countless tools / tags to be deployed at the same time based on a certain behavior rather than deploying each tag individually. 

DTM’s built-in integrations facilitate easy configuration of tools such as Adobe Analytics and Google Analytics eliminating the need for extensive custom code. 

Data elements centralize common data points reducing code redundancy and optimizing data lookup time.

Together these features save time and frustration so you can focus less on tag deployment and more on moving your business forward. 

Use Dynamic Tag Management for free

Best of all, if you’re an Adobe Marketing Cloud customer Dynamic Tag Management is free.

Contact your Account Manager for details.


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