Adobe Uninstall tool | Release notes

As an IT admin of a school or organization, read about the updates to the Adobe uninstall tool.

The Adobe uninstall tool provides a command-line interface to trigger the uninstallation of Adobe apps on devices. It can be used to remove specific individual apps or combinations of apps with a single command.
You can use the --list option to list the apps currently available on a machine.

For details, see Uninstall Uninstall Creative Cloud apps using Adobe uninstall tool.

Version 1.0.0 (December 2022)

The first version of Adobe uninstall tool releases with the following features:

  1. View the list of apps (and their versions) currently installed.
  2. Create an XML output of the apps on a machine, and then use that XML to selectively uninstall apps.
  3. Uninstall all Creative Cloud apps (include Creative Cloud Desktop app) on a machine.
  4. Uninstall specific Creative Cloud apps on a machine.


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