Campaign synchronization does not receive correct HTML from AEM

After running the "Publish to Adobe Campaign" workflow and synchronizing in Adobe Campaign, we do not see the correct HTML being pulled into Campaign.


AEM 6.x


There can be many causes for the wrong HTML being served to Campaign.

  • Public URL could be configured in the AEM Campaign Integration - Configuration which goes to the site via CDN, Load Balancer, or Dispatcher.  Something could be broken in any layer of the architectural stack then - CDN cache problem, Load Balancer pointing to wrong dispatchers, Dispatcher configured incorrectly or failing, AEM Publish instances failing with errors or wrong code.
  • If it is serving content directly from a publish instance, then it could be that the publish instance is misconfigured, experiencing errors, or the wrong code is installed, etc.


  1.  Make sure that you activated / published the newsletter page in AEM before publishing to campaign.

  2. Check the Public URL in the AEM Campaign Integration OSGi configuration [1], the Public URL is the URL the workflow uses to retrieve the HTML that is sent to Adobe Campaign.  If this field is populated, then copy the URL to the clipboard:

    [1] http://host:port/system/console/configMgr/

  3. If Public URL is empty in that configuration, then the system fails over to the URL for publish in the externalizer configuration [2].  Copy this publish URL to the clipboard:

    [2] http://host:port/system/console/configMgr/

  4. Take the URL you got from the previous steps and visit the newsletter page with /path/to/newsletter.publish.html on the publish instance. 

    For example: /content/site/en/newsletters/test.publish.html

  5. In most cases, you would find that HTML is failing to display properly in the same way as you view in Campaign.  This is the URL that is retrieved and sent to Adobe Campaign by the workflow.  Viewing this URL allows you to debug if the problem is a CDN caching, Load Balancing, Dispatcher Caching, or AEM publish instance or code issue (i.e. wrong code deployed on the publish instance).


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