Use cloud documents in Adobe Photoshop on your iPad.

What you learned: Get to know cloud documents on your iPad

Where to start

The first screen you see when you launch Photoshop on your iPad is the Home screen, which displays thumbnails of your recent images. To open a document to work on:

  • Tap Create new to start with a blank canvas, or
  • Tap Import and open to start with a file from one of your storage locations, your Camera Roll, or the Camera on your iPad, or
  • Tap Cloud documents to open the Cloud Documents Organizer. Then tap a thumbnail in the Cloud Documents Organizer to open a cloud document. A cloud document is a Photoshop document saved to Adobe’s cloud.

Add another image to your open document

  1. In the Toolbar, tap the Place Image tool and choose a document source. Tap an image to add it to your open document.
  2. The placed image opens in Transform mode in the open document. Drag the handles on the blue Transform boundary to scale or reshape the placed image. Press inside the boundary and drag to move the placed image. Tap Done to exit Transform mode.
  3. Continue editing the open document in Photoshop on your iPad, which offers core tools and features found in Photoshop on your computer, with more capabilities added regularly.
  4. Tap the Home button to return to the Home screen or to your Cloud Document Organizer, depending on where you started.

Enjoy the benefits of cloud documents

  • As you work in Photoshop on your iPad, your updated document automatically saves to Adobe’s cloud every few minutes, so you never have to worry about saving your work.
  • Your cloud document is seamlessly available in Photoshop across devices. The next time you log in to Photoshop on your computer or your iPad, you can pick up editing the document where you left off.

Manage your cloud documents

  • In the Cloud Document Organizer in Photoshop on your iPad, you can view, sort, and organize all your cloud documents.
  • Tap the Three-Dot icon under a document thumbnail to rename, duplicate, or delete a document. If you delete a document, you can restore it by tapping Delete on the left, tapping the Three-Dot icon under the deleted document, and choosing Restore.


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Adobe Stock contributors: 621513 , R. Gino Santa Maria

Illustrator: Seán Duggan

Instructor: Jan Kabili

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