Start your photo editing workflow by cropping and straightening a photo to frame it just the way you want it.

What you learned: How to crop and straighten

Create a crop boundary

  • Go to the Tools panel and select the Crop tool. A crop boundary appears around your photo.

Choose crop options in the Options bar

  1. Uncheck Delete Cropped Pixels, so you can recover any areas you crop away.
  2. Check Content-Aware, so Photoshop will automatically fill in any transparent edges around a crop with matching content.

Set the size and shape of the crop

  1. Drag the edges of the crop boundary to set the size and shape of the crop.
  2. Hold the Shift key and drag from a corner if you want the cropped photo to have the same proportions as the original.

Position the photo in the crop boundary

  • Click inside the crop boundary and drag to position the photo. The part of the photo outside the boundary will be cropped away.

Straighten the photo

  • If horizontal or vertical items in the photo aren’t straight, click outside a corner of the crop boundary and drag to rotate the photo until it looks straight.
    Or select the Straighten tool in the Options bar and drag a line part way along an item in the photo that should be straight, like a horizon.
    When you’re done, click the checkmark in the Options bar to accept your changes.

Want to make changes to the crop?

  • If you want to change the crop, select the Crop tool and click on the image to view the cropped away areas. Repeat the steps above to re-crop.


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