Face-Aware Liquify in Photoshop automatically detects facial features, so you can adjust and enhance facial expressions.

Open your photo in the Liquify window

If you want to make further adjustments in Liquify later on, first right-click or control-click and choose Convert to Smart Object

Photoshop workspace with the Filter > Liquify menu highlighted while the selected artwork displays a man making a peace sign on a red background

Drag the sliders to adjust various facial features

The sliders can be used to adjust various aspects of the Eyes, Nose, Mouth, and Face Shape.

Face-Aware Liquify settings with Mouth option set to 100 appears next to artwork of a man with a wide smile on a red background

You can also make adjustments by clicking and dragging directly on facial features. To do so, select the Face Tool in the Toolbar to the left of the Liquify window. Hover your cursor over a facial feature until it changes to a double-pointed diagonal arrow, then drag it for desired adjustments. 

The Face tool is selected in the Toolbar next to artwork of a man smiling widely against a red background

The final result

That’s it! You now have the perfect facial expression for your ad.

Artwork of a man smiling widely against a red background after making adjustments with the Face tool


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