Import multiple Photoshop file layers as separate clips and animate them independently to produce engaging motion graphics.

What you learned: Create a motion graphic intro

Create advanced animated motion graphics using separate layers imported from a multilayered Photoshop document.

Import a multi-layered Photoshop document

  • Import a multi-layered Photoshop document, and the Import Layered File dialog box will appear.

Import the file as a sequence

  • Import the file as a sequence, selecting the layers you would like to include in the Import Layered File dialog box.

Adjust the timing for the new clips

  • Set the duration and start times for each clip in the new sequence by trimming them.

Enable Position animation at the finished position

  1. Position the Timeline playhead at the time you would like all of the clips to have finished animating on-screen.
  2. For each clip, enable animation for the Motion effect Position control in the Effect Controls panel.

Set a start position for each clip

  1. For each clip, position the Timeline playhead at the start of the clip and select the Motion effect heading in the Effect Controls panel. This enables the direct manipulation controls in the Program Monitor.
  2. Drag the clip off-screen to its starting position, which adds a keyframe automatically.

Tip: Changes made in Photoshop appear in Premiere Pro automatically, allowing you to change the appearance of your graphics without editing your sequence again.


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