Include view events in the audit report


Customers that want to track the viewing activity for their agreements can enable this option to list each time a participant of an agreement views the agreement, either from an email link or through the Manage page.

Views are recorded once per status change of the agreement, meaning when the agreement is modified.

How it works

When enabled, the audit report and Activity log display each time the agreement is viewed for the first time per status change.

Status changes happen when the agreement is modified (eg: moves to a new recipient).


View agreement events in the activity lof and audit report


There are two types of "viewed" events:

  • Email viewed - Only occurs for accounts that have the email tracking pixel enabled.
  • Agreement viewed - When the agreement is opend either by URL (in a participant's email) or through the Manage page.


The feature can only be enabled or disabled. There are no further configuration options.


The page extraction feature is available for the following tiers of service:

  • Team/Small business
  • Business
  • Enterprise

Configuration scope:

The feature can be enabled at both the account and group levels.

  • All groups inherit the account level setting by default.
  • Groups can be configured to override the inherited account setting.

To enable page extraction, navigate to Account Settings > Global Settings > Audit Report

Navigate to the Audit Report section of Global Settings


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