Set up an archive for your agreements

Set up your external archive

Administrators can configure the Adobe Acrobat Sign External Archive feature to automatically deliver a copy of the Signed and Filed email for every successfully completed agreement to an additional email address. This automatic copy will always contain the signed agreement PDF, the audit report PDF, and the field data CSV (if one exists), irrespective of the account/group settings that govern if these documents should be attached.

The external archive can be configured at the account and group level, with group-level settings overriding the account settings. Accounts that leverage Users in Multiple Groups can effectively use the group-level configuration when groups are used to define specific document workflows. (For example, a Legal group can include their legal department in all completed agreements and remove any general archive address that might be configured at the account level.)

Configuration of the archive only requires a valid email address to be entered in the Send an extra copy of every signed agreement input field in the Global Settings tab of the administrator's menu. Any address can be used, including third-party applications that accept an inbound email. 

The External Archive tab includes instructions on finding the inbound email address for the Box and Evernote applications which can be used to push the agreements into those applications.


Users with Individual tier accounts do not have access to the Global Settings menu tab. For the Individual tier of service, the Send an extra copy of every agreement input field is found on the External Archive page.

Add an email to the external archive interface

  1. Log in as an administrator and navigate to Account Settings > Global Settings > Send an extra copy of every signed agreement to the following email addresses

  2. Select the Add email address button.

    Navigate to the external archive controls

    Users with Individual accounts need to navigate to the External Archive tab:

    Navigate to the external archive controls for individual user accounts

  3. An overlay opens to accept the email address for the archive.

    Enter the email address twice (to ensure the value is correct).

    Save the email address.

    Accept the challenge


    If the domain of the archive email is new to the account, a challenge is issued to verify that the archive email address is accurate.

    Be very sure your archive email is correct. You do not want to automatically send a copy of every agreement to the wrong person.

    Enter the archive email address

  4. Click Save.

  5. The email address is stored as a discrete object in the email field.

    • Multiple addresses can be saved up to a maximum of 15.
    • Selecting the X to the right of an email address deletes the email address from the field.

    Add all email addresses that you want to receive the signed agreement documentation automatically.

    Configured archive email

  6. Select Save at the bottom right corner of the window when all emails have been added to save the configuration.

    Save teh copnfiguration


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