Verify agreement validity

Transaction verification and unauthenticated access to the Audit Report

TransactionIDs for all agreements sent through the Adobe Acrobat Sign system can be verified by entering the transactionID on the verification page:

To use the verification page, you must be in possession of the transactionID, which can be found on the audit report of the agreement, obtained through reporting/data exports, or through API action.

Enter the transactionID into the Transaction Number field and click Verify.

If the transaction is valid, a green verification banner is presented, with a link to the Audit Report for the agreement:

The Verify Transaction page

Invalid transactionIDs return a red banner indicating the transactionID is invalid:

Invalid transaction ID

Access to the transaction verification page through signature fields

Recipients that do not have access to the transaction number can access a direct link to the verification page by clicking on the signature/initials fields in their agreement PDF. This action automatically opens a browser tab, delivers the transactionID to Acrobat Sign, and provides the success or failure banner.

  • Accounts created after June 15, 2022, do not have linking enabled through signature and initial fields.
  • Enterprise accounts created before June 15, 2022, can contact the support team to have signature linking disabled at the account level.
    • Once disabled, signature linking can not be reenabled.
    • If linking is disabled, the setting takes effect for all new agreements created in the account. Previously created agreements continue to have the signature link enabled.
Access the verification page through a signature object

Suppress the Audit Report link on the verification page

Accounts that do not want to allow access to the audit reports through the verification page can disable the link.

Controls to suppress the link can be configured at the account and group level, with the group level settings overriding the inherited account settings.

  1. Navigate to Account Settings > Global Settings > Audit Report
  2. Uncheck the option to Allow unauthenticated access to audit report on transaction verification page.
  3. Save the page configuration.
Unauthenticated audit report access controls