Error trying to launch Adobe XD on Windows

Find solutions to errors when launching Adobe XD on a Windows machine.


When trying to launch Adobe XD on a Windows machine, the user gets an error message and XD launch fails.



The error is caused when the system administrator blocks Windows App (UWP) using an Applocker or Group Policies at the domain level.


Ensure that you change the following aspects of the group policy on a Windows machine:

  • Policy Name: Block launching Windows Store apps with Windows Runtime API access from hosted content.
  • State: Not Configured.
  • Location: Local Group Policy Editor > Computer Configuration > Windows Components > App Runtime.

Reboot the machine after the changes.


If the machine is managed by an organization's IT team, the group policies at the organization domain level might be overwriting local group policies. Contact your IT Administrator to modify the group policy as mentioned above.

Due to security policies, some organizations block applications with the help of Applocker rules.

Try the following steps to check if any rule exists:

  • Open secpol.msc in the Run window.
  • Navigate to Security Settings > Application Control Policies > AppLocker> Packaged app rules.
  • Check whether the list has Deny entry option.
  • If yes, change it to Allow and reboot the machine.

If the machine is managed by an organization's IT team, then you may not have access to edit this rule. Contact the IT administrator to change the rule.  Ensure to take approval from your IT admin before changing the Group Policies or the AppLocker Rule in an organization managed machine.


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