Outlook and Acrobat or Reader may freeze on consecutive attempts to use Send Mail

Consecutive attempts to send a PDF as an attachment from within Acrobat or Reader may result in both Acrobat/Reader and Outlook freeze/crash.

Affected products on Windows: Microsoft Office 14 through Office 365 and Acrobat, Acrobat 2017, Acrobat 2015, Acrobat Reader, Acrobat Reader 2017, or Acrobat Reader 2015.

Solution: Apply the registry to resolve the problem

A registry protected workaround is available to fix this problem. Download the registry file and apply the changes as suggested below.

  1. Quit Acrobat or Reader if it's already running.

  2. Download the zip file - click Get file.


  3. Unzip or extract the downloaded file to the desktop. Right-click the file (Adobe.reg) and choose Merge.


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