Enable Adobe Acrobat extension for Google Chrome

The Adobe Acrobat extension in Google Chrome lets you work with Adobe Acrobat PDF tools on the web. If you enable the extension, the Acrobat PDF creation toolbar is added to the browser. The option to create a PDF also appears in the context menu.

Use the Adobe Acrobat extension to convert web pages to PDF. You can also use the tools to view, fill, comment, sign, and compress PDFs.

How to enable the Adobe Acrobat extension

  1. Launch Google Chrome, and select the Chrome menu icon in the toolbar.

    Click the Chrome menu icon

  2. If you see the New extension added (Adobe Acrobat) option in the list, continue with this step. Otherwise, skip to the next step.

    Select the New extension added (Adobe Acrobat) option, and then select Add extension in the dialog. Jump to step 5 to complete the procedure.

    Extension added prompt

  3. Select the Chrome menu icon (), and then choose More Tools > Extensions.

    Alternatively, type chrome://extensions/ in the Chrome address bar, and press Enter.

    Go to Tools > Extensions

  4. Select the Acrobat toggle button to enable the Adobe Acrobat extension.

    Adobe Acrobat - Create PDF extension

    Extension grayed out

  5. Open a web page in a new Chrome tab, or refresh a web page in a tab that is already open. The extension is enabled once the web page downloads to your local cache. Select the Acrobat icon to view the options.

    Create PDF options

Enable the Allow access to file URLs setting

Enable Allow access to file URLs in the Adobe Acrobat extension to open local PDF files in the browser and edit. You can quickly download an email attachment and open the file in your browser. You can also work with it using Acrobat PDF tools.

  1. Launch Google Chrome, and select the Extensions icon on the toolbar.

  2. Select Manage extensions from the menu.

  3. From the Extensions page, open the Adobe Acrobat extension. 

  4. From the extension management page, enable Allow access to file URLs.


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