Learn how to import and edit assets in Adobe Aero to start creating your first project.

Rocket Flying and Urban objects imported in a scene, sitting on the grid plane

Import your own assets into Aero from your Camera Roll, the Files app on iOS, Creative Cloud, Dropbox, and Google Drive. You can also import starter assets that come with the Aero app.

Establish the project area 

After launching Aero, tap the Create new icon (blue + sign) in the lower left corner to start creating your scene. Slowly pan your device around your space to establish the area where you will import the assets. Ensure the area has good lighting with plenty of surface details. Once a surface is found, a transparent plane will appear. Tap the plane to create a surface anchor. 

Find an existing asset or import your own asset file

  • Tap the blue plus icon to find an asset. Choose Starter Assets > Transport toys > Rocket Flying. Once the asset is selected, aim your device at the desired location to import and then tap the surface to add the asset to your scene.
  • To import your own asset, tap the blue plus icon and browse to select an image in your Camera Roll, or find an asset in the Files app in iOS, or in Creative Cloud, Dropbox, and Google Drive on your mobile device.

Move, rotate, and scale assets 

Tap the Rocket Flying object and drag the object to move it around the surface. Drag three fingers up and down on the screen to make the object levitate off the surface. To rotate the asset, use two fingers on the screen in a rotational gesture. To scale the object, pinch in and out on the screen to decrease and increase its size. For more precision, tap the icons labeled Move, Rotate, and Scale to access onscreen options and sliders and then make adjustments.

Import additional assets

Import a second asset by choosing Starter Assets > Layered Illustrations > Urban. You can import 2D images, 3D objects, 3D animations, and audio files from Creative Cloud, Files, and your Camera Roll.

Layering your assets 

Select the Layered Illustration then tap the Layers icon. Offset your layers in 3D space using the sliders to add depth to imported assets.

Don’t stop now — breathe some life into your imported assets using behaviors and actions!

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