Issues in creating a Hotspot question in a responsive project

When creating a Hotspot quiz, you may face issues in placing the Hotspot area over an object.

In a responsive Hotspot question slide, when you want to place the Hotspot on top of an image, the Hotspot is placed beneath the image.

Ensure that you are inserting objects in a Static Fluid Box, as making the Fluid Box makes the objects overlap each other when you move them inside the Fluid Box.

To place the Hotspot on top of the image, choose the Hotspot, and enable the Unlock from Fluid Box check-box.

Unlock from Fluid Box
Unlock from Fluid Box

Once you make the Hotspot independent of the Fluid Box, you can place the Hotspot anywhere on the image. Change the Hotspot properties according to your requirements.

It is recommended that in a Fluid Box, add Hotspots first, unlock them from Fluid Box, then add the images.


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