Use Adobe Analytics to track app user data and track marketing compaigns. Apps gather anonymous usage data for all app types. This data is collected whether users are online or offline. Data is not collected for preflight apps. If you are required to allow your users to opt out of analytics data collection, you can enable an opt-in option when you build your app. (For details, see Analytics Report Guide for AEM Mobile.)

Analytics is provided by Marketing Cloud and is powered by the Mobile Marketing Services SDK.

  • If your company has an Adobe Analytics account, you can specify that account information in Master Settings (requires a Master Admin account). Doing so links your projects to the Adobe Analytics account.
  • If you do not have an Adobe Analytics account, you can request a complimentary Analytics Essentials account through Master Settings.
  • You can also purchase additional Marketing Cloud capabilities such as In-App Messaging and Acquisition tracking.
  • It is not possible to have AEM Mobile analytics data go into Digital Publishing Suite report suites. For AEM Mobile apps, data collection is done in a new report suite.

Adobe Mobile Services are available at This service provides Life Cycle metrics for your application. It is also the place to access In-App Messaging or Acquisition tracking. Both of these services, as with all other services of the Digital Marketing Cloud, are premium products that require an additional license fee.


After setting up your analytics account (described below), use these links to view analytics data.

Analytics options

Analytics Essentials is included with all Adobe Experience Manager – Mobile contracts.

  Analytics Essentials Analytics Analytics–Mobile Apps Analytics Premium–Complete

Mobile Services UI

  • Mobile specific
  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Quick health insight

Usage Reports

  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Readers and Sessions
  • Retention over time
  • Funnel and Path Analysis
  • Version and Technology

Digital Publishing Reports

  • Top 10/50 Articles
  • Banners
  • Social Sharing

Analytics UI (SiteCatalyst)

  • Export, save, share and automate reports
  • Segmented usage
  • Custom dashboards
  • Segment and Report suitecomparison
  • Data filtering and breakdowns
  • Calculated metrics
Web Analytics *
Video milestone tracking


  • Points of Interest correlation
  • Interactive maps of POI and data
In-App Messaging
Push Notifications
Acquisition attribution tracking

Complete analytics bundle

  • 360-degree customer views
  • Predictive models
  • Algorithmic cross channel attribution

* Mobile Analytics customers are not licensed to the Analytics UI which provides access to web and video features. Adobe is working on a solution to limit access only to Analytics customers. Until then, Mobile Analytics customers have un-licensed access.

Setting up Analytics for the account

The Master Admin should set up Analytics for an account and all its projects.

  1. Sign in to the On-Demand Portal ( using a Master Admin Adobe ID.

  2. Click Master Settings in the left rail, and then click the General tab.

  3. Do either of the following:

    • If you have an existing Analytics account, enter your Analytics company name, username, and password. Once verified, this Company Name will be used for all projects created under this Master Account. Applications will send analytics data to report suites owned by this Company.
    • If you do not have an Analytics account, click Request Account. You should receive an email message with instructions for setting up your Analytics Essentials for Apps account.
    Setting up Analytics for the account

    It might take a few days for your analytics account to be set up. You should receive an email message from Adobe that specifies your Company, User Name, and Password.

  4. In Master Settings > General, enter the information (Company, User Name, and Password) you receive from Adobe into the Analytics Verification section. Click "Verify and Save."

    This step is required to access analytics data within your report suites in the Analytics Login Company that was provisioned for you.

  5. After your Analytics account is set up, specify a Report Suite name for each project you create.

    Analytics account options

    For each project, the Master Admin should also specify a Report Suite name to distinguish the app data from the data of other apps in the account. See Creating projects for AEM Mobile.

  6. Go to the Mobile Marketing Dashboard ( and sign in using your analytics credentials. Make sure that your app is configured properly, as described in the next section.

Configuring your Analytics Essentials for Apps account

In most cases, Adobe Analytics Essentials for Apps has been set up properly for your project. However, if your account has not been set up, follow these steps.

1. Go to and sign in.

2. Select Manage Apps > All Apps.

3. Select “Add”.

4. In the Report Suite dropdown, select the Report Suite ID (RSID) that you provided when setting up your project.

The Report Suite will likely appear as ‘ap.or.00.’ or similar (ap=“Adobe Publish”; or=“Oregon Data Center; 00=instance 0). It is important to use the RSID and leave the Type as DPS. You can fill in the Name and Description fields as you see fit.


Select Manage Apps > All Apps

Configuring Mobile Marketing app settings

Use the Mobile Marketing Dashboard to configure analytics settings for your project. For example, if you build an app that requires HTTPS domains instead of HTTP, you can edit settings.

1. Go to and sign in.

2. Select Manage Apps > All Apps.

3. Create an app or select an app.

4. Change settings as required. For example, select Use HTTPS to ensure that analytics calls are HTTPS compliant.

5. After you save your settings, rebuild your app. Rebuilding your app is required in order to pick up any configuration changes made in the Mobile Marketing Dashboard.

For more information about Mobile Marketing, see Marketing Cloud integration with AEM Mobile.


Viewing analytics reports and using mobile services

  1. Sign in to the On-Demand Portal and click Analytics in the left rail.
  2. Click the appropriate link to sign in and view analytics data.

If you have an Adobe Analytics account, sign in here to view detailed analytics reports:

Adobe Analytics

If you have an Adobe Analytics account and want to use features such as Acquisition Tracking, Push Messages, or In-App Messages, or if you have access to only Analytics Essentials, sign in here:

Adobe Mobile Services


For information about analytics reports, see Analytics Report Guide for AEM Mobile.

For information about analytics data for mobile apps, see Adobe Mobile Services Usage.

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