AEM Mobile includes product updates approximately every three weeks. Check here for bug fixes and release notes.

Hot Fix 2020.10 (Oct 8)

Android Viewer

  • Updated target API Level to 29 (Android 10) (AEMM-4157647)

Hot Fix 2020.2 (Feb 19)

Android Viewer

  • Replaced install_referrer intent broadcast with Play Install Referrer API. (AEMM-4157555)

Hot Fix 2019.10.1 (Oct 30)

iOS Viewer  

  • Fixed iOS 13 compatibility issues.

Hot Fix 2019.10 (Oct 16)

Entitlement Service

  • Authentication refresh for users updating from the DPS Classic version of the app to the AEM Mobile version (AEMM-4157502)
  • This might impact entitled content for end users of customers who have updated from the DPS Classic app to the AEM Mobile app, if such users are opening the app for the first time after the update. For reference below are the potential impact points:
    • End users get logged out and need to log in again.
    • End users lose access to content that was free when they first accessed it but is no longer free (if any).
    • All entitlements/subscriptions would have to be restored using the restore purchases feature (option present in the app similar to -
    • End users lose access to promotional entitlements (“First Retail issue for Free” (if any) - this was a Classic feature where the end user used to get the latest paid issue for free upon opening the app for the first time).

AppBuilder Service

  • Fixed thumbnail asset too large issue for iOS (AEMM-4157497)

Hot Fix 2019.9.1 (Sep 24)

iOS Viewer
  • Fixed an issue where downloading content fails due to network failure or when multiple versions of article are present.

Hot Fix 2019.9 (Sep 12)

iOS Viewer
  • Fixed issues in the iOS Viewer. They are applicable to customers who have recently upgraded from DPS Classic.

Android Viewer

  • Updated target API to 28.

Hot Fix 2019.8.1 (Aug 12)

iOS Viewer
  • Fixed an issue with cards display.

Hot Fix 2019.8 (Aug 2)

Android Viewer
  • Articles of type PDF are properly rendered in the Android app.

Hot Fix 2019.7 (July 29)

Windows Viewer

  • HTML loading correctly in Windows 10 app.
Android Viewer
  • Google in-app purchase working properly for Custom Cordova Android apps.

Hot Fix 2019.6 (June 25)

Android Viewer

  • Update the Android App to make it 64-bit compatible (AEMM-4157333)
  • Fixed the issue with reloading of article when using some cordova plug-ins and switching the app from background to foreground in Android 8.1 and later versions (AEMM-4157379)

Hot Fix 2019.5 (May 22)

iOS Viewer

  • PDF views are shown correctly on iPhone X series with notch (AEMM-4157355)
  • Updated App to meet new requirements from Apple for App Store Submission (AEMM-4157366)

Hot Fix 2019.4 (Apr 4)

iOS Viewer

  • Card images are now rendered properly and no longer appear scrambled (AEMM-4157322)
  • The download icon alignment has been corrected (AEMM-4157352)

Android Viewer

  • The Cordova camera plugin has been updated to 4.0.3 (AEMM-4156848)

Hot Fix 2019.3 (Mar 19)

iOS Viewer

  • As AEMM no longer supports iOS 9, the UI inputs for that version have been removed (AEMM-4157347)

Android Viewer

  • AEMM now uses Google's Firebase Cloud Messaging in place of GCM for notification messages (AEMM-4157288)
    • See the documentation here for details.
  • Push Notifications now received correctly in Android Oreo and more recent version (AEMM-4157339)

Hot Fix 2019.2 (Feb 21)

iOS Viewer

  • Apps now built with Xcode 10 (AEMM-4157141)
  • Scrolling now works for articles in iOS12 fixed mode (AEMM-4157325)
  • iPhone XR, XS and XS Max splash screens now supported (AEMM-4157253)

Web Viewer

  • Users can now see videos in articles in fullscreen (AEMM-4157337)

Hot Fix 2019.1 (Jan 10)

iOS Viewer

  • Articles or Browse Pages now adjust according to Top Navigation Bar settings in iOS 12 (AEMM-4157308)
  • Preflight app Navigation Bar now responds appropriately on iPhone X, XS, XR (AEMM-4157227)

Hot Fix 2018.11.1 (Nov 15)

iOS Viewer

  • Large In-App Purchase screens now display properly (AEMM-4157299)
  • Dual orientation display is optimized for images in pdf articles (AEMM-4157143)

Android Viewer

  • In-App Purchase button fixed (AEMM-4157296)

Hot Fix 2018.11 (Nov 6)

iOS Viewer

  • Collection images now show correctly after scrolling the view or changing the orientation (AEMM-4157289)
  • Video rotation handled appropriately with iOS 12 (AEMM-4157202)
  • YouTube's fullscreen option works with iOS 12 (AEMM-4157279)

Hot Fix 2018.10.1 (Oct 25)

iOS Viewer

Fixes an iOS12 issue causing collection images to be zoomed after scrolling or changing orientation. (AEMM-4157244)

Hot Fix 2018.10 (Oct 18)

iOS Viewer

Download button is now placed correctly on iOS devices after orientation changes. (AEMM-4157256)

Android Viewer

Horizontally swiping between articles within the same collection now works again. (AEMM-4157263)

Hot Fix 2018.9.3 (Sept 27)

iOS Viewer

  • Cards display with correct proportions after scrolling on Collection Page (AEMM-4157220)
  • Cards display with correct proportions after switching orientation (AEMM-4157220)

Note: A known issue remains if you visit an article in a collection and come back to the original collection – the proportions issue returns.

Android Viewer

The app now handles changes of orientation on the Browse Page (AEMM-4157238)

Hot Fix 2018.9.1 (Sept 20)

iOS Viewer

  • Video Rotation works again while in full screen (AEMM-4157202)
  • Customization of style for default subscription text is now possible (AEMM-4157189)
  • Default subscription text can now be toggled on/off in the custom paywall editor (AEMM-4157181)
  • Handles extra whitespace on html articles correctly (AEMM-4157180)
  • The next click event after quick scrolling though articles now works (AEMM-4157177)
  • Fixed an alignment issue affecting certain custom content (AEMM-4157172)

Android Viewer

  • Default Minimum Android version for Play Store Listing updated to Android 5 per new security requirements (AEMM-4157213)

Portal Content

  • Portal lists now include Title and Name to make identification of the entity easier (AEMM-4156591)
  • Default subscription text can now be toggled on/off in the custom paywall editor (AEMM-4157182)

Hot Fix 2018.7.1 (July 17)

iOS Viewer

  • Dual orientation apps are scaling and filling the screen properly in iOS 11 (AEMM-4157143)
  • Subscribe button now displays correctly in iOS 11 (AEMM-4157166)

Android Viewer

  • Certain articles with less width than screen now display correctly (AEMM-4156238)

Hot Fix 2018.6.1 (June 28)

Portal Content

  • AEM Mobile’s portal now support announcements – these announcements are a means for Adobe to communicate messages to customers (AEMM-4157118, AEMM-4156635, AEMM-4156656)

Hot Fix 2018.6 (June 13)

AEM Mobile App Signing Tool

The AEM Mobile App Signing Tool has been updated to version 2018.1-5, and you must now use this version to sign apps. Previous versions will have issues with the updated viewers. The App Signing Tool can be download by clicking the download button next to the project name on the Apps management page

iOS Viewer

  • Preloading videos, while swiping through articles, is correctly handled (AEMM-4157090)
  • Loading images, while navigating a collection’s hierarchy by using the pinch gesture, now works properly (AEMM-4157091)
  • Spacing at the top of html articles is correctly presented (AEMM-4157108)

Android Viewer

  • Certain older versions of Android now succeed when download articles (AEMM-4157084)
  • The AEMM Command line tool now supports the Android-27 SDK and Cordova Android 7.1.0 (cordova-android-7.1) (AEMM-4156697)
  • Android 8.1.0 no longer stops on certain screens (AEMM-4157049)
  • Scrolling is now smooth within a fixed width element (AEMM-4157031)

Portal and App Builder

  • Uploads of 1024X1024 icons, to be displayed in Apple’s App Store (required), is now supported (AEMM-4157077)
  • The dimensions of iPhone X high resolution screenshot images are now presented correctly (AEMM-4157092)

Hot Fix 2018.5.2 (May 22)

Portal and App Builder

  • You can now set the Terms of Use URL for iOS Apps in the Portal.

NOTE Customers who performed this addition manually, used the field name “termOfUseUrl”.  They now should use the Portal to input the "Terms Of Use URL".

Hot Fix 2018.5.1 (May 15)

iOS Viewer

  • Entitled content now loads properly when the user is offline (AEMM-4157048)
  • Dynamic Banner content now loads properly after clearing app data (AEMM-4157059)
  • Subscription Page now displays additional text to satisfy new Apple requirements (AEMM-4157062)
  • Video content now displays as expected on iOS (AEMM-4157069)
  • "Privacy Policy" now displays properly in all languages (AEMM-4157073)

Hot Fix 2018.4.2 (April 12)


  • The user is no longer logged out in cases where multiple requests to refresh the user's login token are requested simultaneously (AEMM-4156940)

Hot Fix 2018.4.3 (April 12)

iOS Viewer

  • Navigating away from "Update Available" message now navigates to the correct destination (AEMM-4156926)
  • A scrollable frame now displays in the proper location without affecting other components (AEMM-4157015)
  • The native language is now respected for the "Privacy Policy" label (AEMM-4156373)
  • The subscription details are now shown to the user in its entirety (AEMM-4157042)

Hot Fix 2018.4 (April 4)

Android Viewer

  • App reloads collection list properly when returning from an article on new Android versions. (AEMM-4157020 & AEMM-4156862)
  • Updated plugins to modern versions to avoid warnings and improve security. (AEMM-4156916 & AEMM-4156524)
  • App now loads layout properly for newer versions of Android. (AEMM-4156681)
  • App now retrieves image sizes properly for newer versions of Android. (AEMM-4156565)
  • Update to the app builder to support android-26 (AEMM-4156975)

Hot Fix 2018.3.1 (March 6)

iOS Viewer

Added functionality to properly resume offline downloads that were interrupted (AEMM-4156946).

Viewer no longer shows articles thumbnails when the user is not entitled to them (AEMM-4156905).

Hot Fix 2018.3 (March 6)

Android Viewer

Analytics events now are sent from an Android app properly (AEMM-4156465).

Hot Fix 2018.2.3 (February 15)

Android Viewer

Fixed an issue where dynamic banners were reporting no Banner Click events in Adobe Analytics (AEMM-4156784)

Hot Fix 2018.2.1 (February 14)

iOS Viewer

  • Added the following new iPhone X splash screen images in the portal (AEMM-4156910):
    • Landscape: 1125x2436px 
    • Portrait: 2436x1125px
  • Fixed an issue where the Navto link was not working inside the HTML content or from PDF articles (AEMM-4156558)

Hot Fix 2018.1.3 (January 23)

AEM Mobile App Signing Tool

The AEM Mobile App Signing Tool has been updated to version 2018.1, and you must now use this version to sign apps. Version 2017.2 will have issues with the App Launch Icon for iOS Viewer version 2018.1.1 and later. The App Signing Tool can be download next to the project name on the on the App management page



You also need to update to Xcode 9.2 or later on the local machine where you install the App Signing Tool. To download Xcode for free from the Apple app store, go to


After uploading the signed ipa to the iTunes Connect portal, upload a 1024x1024 image for the app store listing directly in iTunes Connect portal. While submitting the signed ipa in the iTunes Connect portal, if you hover over the icon, a red delete icon is displayed. After the old icon is deleted, you can upload a new 1024x1024 version as seen below.


iOS Viewer

  • Fixed an issue where the navto://collection/collectionname link to the Parent Collection in article was not working. (AEMM-4156852)
  • Apple recently changed the internal structure of the app that they generate by using Xcode9 build tools. To address this issue, Adobe has updated the AEM App Signing tool. (AEMM-4156829)
  • Fixed an issue on iPads where when you change the viewing orientation, the video that you were watching stops playing. (AEMM-4156828)
  • Fixed an issue where, instead of the splash screen, an empty screen was being displayed. (AEMM-4156811)
  • Fixed an issue where when you download content, and switch between different content, the header icons in the app overlap. (AEMM-4156785)
  • Added default images for the splash screen for the portrait and landscape viewing options on the Apple iPhone X. (AEMM-4156777)
  • Fixed an issue where when you switched between downloaded content, the header icons in the app might overlap. (AEMM-4156711)
  • Fixed an issue where when you download an article, the previous and next articles are also downloaded, and the audio from all three articles were being played simultaneously. (AEMM-4156305)

Hot Fix 2018.1 (January 11)

Android Viewer

  • Fixed an issue where the tel: or mailto: links from a page that was loaded in the InAppBrowser resulted in an ERR_UNKNOWN_URL_SCHEME error. (AEMM-4156781)
  • Fixed an issue where the cq context API for saveEntity stopped showing progress. As a result, the download percentage was jumping from 0% to 100%, with no intermediate indication of progression. (AEMM-4156453)
  • Fixed an issue where for orphaned collections, the Download button was not appearing and these collections could not be downloaded. (AEMM-4156351)

HotFix 2017.11.8 (November 16)


Some settings in the AEM Mobile APK file were not allowing some devices to see apps in the Google Play app store. If you select phones only, the following error message is displayed:

Warning - restricting your application to 'Phones Only' could exclude support of newer large-screen phone devices. For optimal compatibility, choose 'Phones and Tablets' from the selector. 

For a complete list of the supported devices, see

Hotfix 2017.11.7 (November 16)

iOS Viewer

  • Fixed an issue where you could not see the price on the subscription dialog box for the current collection. (AEMM-4156679)
  • Verified that AEM Mobile apps work correctly on the Apple iPhone X.

Hot Fix 2017.11.6 (November 16)

Android Viewer

Fixed an issue where when you loaded the latest updates on your app, and clicked Back, instead of going to the initial launch collection, the app closes. (AEMM-4156684)

Hot Fix 2017.11.4 (November 14)

iOS Viewer

  • Fixed an issue where after updating the app to version 2017.9.5, some explicit collection downloads were not working properly. (AEMM-4156678)
  • Fixed an issue where when the customer tried to download a collection, but after downloading about 80% of the collection, the operation failed. (AEMM-4156622)
  • Fixed an issue where when the Allow user to save collection to their device check box is not selected on the Collection Metadata page, the Subscribe link continues to appear even after the user has logged in. (AEMM-4156662)
  • Fixed an issue where you could not download some content on iOS 11. (AEMM-4156685)

Hot Fix 2017.11.3 (November 9)


  • Fixed the issue where when setting the search indexing language to Norwegian, the EntityFailedSchemaValidationException error occurs. (AEMM-4156687)

Hot Fix 2017.11.1 (November 9)

Android Viewer 

  • Fixed the issue where the navto://collection/collectionname link on the banner was not working. (AEMM-4156477)
  • Fixed the issue where on a banner that has links to a web page and multiple mailto: links, when users press the links, instead of the email app opening, the Webpage not available error appears. This issue has been fixed. (AEMM-4156590)

Hot Fix 2017.10.1 (October 26)

Android Viewer

Fixed an issue when using the Cordova API for saveEntity periodically failed with code 80. This issue occurred when the app was sent to the background or when the device went into sleep mode for a few hours.

Now, the network connection is checked and re-established when the device becomes active.

Hot Fix 2017.9.4 (September 26)

iOS Viewer

Fixed the cache issue in the Dynamic banner. (AEMM-4156445, AEMM-4156417, AEMM-4156389, AEMM-4156370)

Hot Fix 2017.9.2 (September 12)

In lists such as Collections, Collection's Content, and Content Map, to open a new tab with an entity selected, click on the name of an entity. Press Shift + Click to open the entity's properties page.

Hot Fix 2017.9.1 (September 8)

iOS viewer

Fixed an issue where you could not open and download a protected article even after logging in to the app. (AEMM-4156295)

Hot Fix 2017.9 (September 6)

Android viewer

When you open a PDF attachment in an HTML article and click the Back button the first time, you are taken back to the article that originally started the transaction. However, when you click the Back button a second time, nothing happens. When you click the Back button a third time, you are taken to the article from two entries back in the browser history. This issue has been fixed. (AEMM-4156441)

Hot Fix 2017.8.4 (August 24)


  • You now cannot reorder a collection's content until the previous reorder is complete. (AEMM-4156285 and AEMM-4156492)
  • You can now reorder a collection's content quickly, without any dragging and dropping. (AEMM-4156382)
  • You can now sort and filter the master account list. (AEMM-4156431)

Hot Fix 2017.8.3 (August 23)

Android viewer

Fixed an issue where when you add a navto link between two PDF articles, but the hyperlink was not working when the Fit one full page to screen option was selected. (AEMM-4156266)

Hot Fix 2017.8.2 (August 22)

iOS Viewer

  • Fixed an issue where when navigating through the app, or sending it to background and returning, metered articles could be accessed by users who had not logged in to the app. Metered articles are independent of the project-level PreviewEnabled setting. (4156410 and 4156421)
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes when you open a collection, the No Internet Connection. Tap to Refresh error message appears. (4156171 and 4156264 )
  • Fixed an issue where when you add a navto link between two PDF articles, but the hyperlink was not working when the Fit one full page to screen option was selected. (AEMM-4156269)

Hot Fix 2017.8.1 (August 11)


When you edit the contents of a collection that has the same title of another collection, the contents of the second collection were sometimes being added to the first collection's content list. This issue has been fixed.

Hot Fix 2017.7.25 (July 25)

Android viewer

  • Fixed an issue where when you share an article, the article's text and image do not appear on the social sharing landing page.

Hot Fix 2017.7.18 (July 18)

Android viewer

  • Fixed an issue where customers were having issues with PDFs on Android viewers. (AEMM-4156347)


  • Fixed an issue with sorting master account sorting, and you can now sort alphabetically. (AEMM-4156357)
  • Fixed an issue with sorting master account sorting, and you can enter a string to filter the list of master accounts. (AEMM-4156360)
  • Fixed an issue where when you try to edit the Collections Content to, for example, reorder the list, the name of the entity was not editable. (AEMM-4156378)


Hot Fix 2017.6.23 (June 23)

Producer (Entity and Content) Services

Fixed errors that occurred in the following situations:

  • When you try to add content, such as collections or articles, to the topLevelContent collection.
  • When your entity has the word publication in the name.

Hot Fix 2017.6.22 (June 22)

iOS Viewer

This update brings AEM Mobile applications into compliance with recent changes in Apple’s guidelines as it relates to auto-renewing subscription purchases as outlined in Schedule 2, Section 3.8(b).

Apple now requires that a Terms of Use link is displayed next to subscription purchase options. This hot fix requires a manual entry of the Terms of Use URL in the ApplicationConfig.plist file. When editing this file, you should add a URL to the "termOfUseURL" string value. Once you have finished this edit, you will repackage and sign the app. A field for the Terms of Use URL will be added to the app building interface in a later release.


An informational message will now be presented to users in the portal UI when attempting to publish or unpublish entities in a locked publication. If the publication does not become unlocked after a number of attempts, the following message will be displayed: The publication is currently locked. Please try again later.

Hot Fix 2017.6.15 (June 15)

Android Viewer

  • Fixed an issue where custom Android viewers could crash when configuring the viewer for push notifications.
  • Fixed an issue where some Android viewers could crash when updating from a previous DPS Classic application.

Hot Fix 2017.6.6 (June 6)

iOS Viewer

  • Fixed an issue where when downloading a large article, the downloading process times out when it is only 80% complete, and the user is prompted to refresh.
  • Fixed an issue where content was not loading on iPhones that are running on version 10.3.


  • Fixed a bug where clicking the preflight icon was not providing instant feedback that it is attempting to engage the preflight workflow so the user does not try clicking again.
  • Fixed a bug where customized paywalls were becomng opaque, instead of transparent, when selecting dark themes.
  • Fixed a bug where when a layout is selected to be copied, the layout is copied to the publication that is initially selected when the copy window opens, instead of the publication that was selected in the Target project dialog box.
  • Fixed a bug where the Entitlement service had stopped sending cover dates.

Hot Fix 2017.5.25 (May 25)

iOS Viewers

  • Fixed a bug where when the device is offline, cards/content or background images are not downloaded after the content has been explicitly downloaded.  


Hot Fixes 2017.5.22 (May 22)

Android Viewers

  • Fixed a bug where a timeout could occur when downloading .article files over 1GB is size.
  • Fixed a bug where the application could crash when Sign-out Context API is called from a restricted collection.
  • Fixed an issue where navigating from the drawer/app menu may not work after tapping the update pill button.






iOS Hot Fix 2017.4.01 (May 3)

  • Fixed a bug where, in some applications, a user might experience a lag when opening articles.






Previous bug fix release notes

To see a list of bug fixes for previous releases, see History of bug fix release notes.