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Do you wish to manage your Flash based AIR application the same way you manage your web site? That is: authoring Flash content without being a developer? Or enabling your customers to view your Flash based web site on an iPad? The short answer is: AEM does it all for you!

AEM enables you to:

  • Author Flash content for use in an AIR application.
  • Author Flash content that can be viewed on Flash disabled devices like the iPad.

Authoring Flash Content for AIR Applications

The Mobile Trader application is a Flash based AIR application that can run on any Flash enabled device. It consists of a window with four tabs (Assets, Watchlist, Alerts, Advisor) displaying some financial informations in a dynamic and interactive way. Its content can be managed with AEM, the same way a web page is authored with AEM. You can for example change a title, add an image or add a new tab. Once you have modified the content with AEM, you just have to refresh the application on your desktop computer to display the modifications.

The following procedure shows you how to set up the Mobile Trader application on your computer, to modify a title with AEM and to display the modified content in the AIR application:

  1. Start an author AEM instance that runs on port 4502.
  2. Start a publish AEM instance that runs on port 4503.
  3. Download the Mobile Trader AIR application on your desktop. The application is available in the repository at:
    To download this file, you can map the repository to your local filesystem by using the WebDAV server that is embedded into AEM.
  4. Run the Mobile Trader application on your desktop by double-clicking the MobileTrader.air file.
    The application connects to the AEM publish instance.
  5. Open the Mobile Trader page in the AEM author instance: in your browser, go to:
  6. Modify a title:
    1. Double-click the Performance History title.
    2. Edit the title.
    3. Press Enter to save the changes.
    Note: you can also right-click the title, select Edit Component to open the edit dialog, edit the title and click OK.
  7. Activate the page corresponding to the tab that you have modified. In this example, as the Assets tab has been modified:
    1. Go to the Site Admin console.
    2. Select the Assets page below Websites / Geometrixx Mobile Demo Site / Mobile Trader.
    3. Click Activate.
  8. Refresh the Mobile Trader AIR application to see the changes:
    1. In the AIR app, click the top title Geometrixx Financial Services.
    2. Click OK below the URL field to see the modified tab.

You can also:

  • Rearrange the order of existing components on a page by dragging and dropping them.
  • Add a Mobile Trader component:
    1. In the Sidekick, in the Components tab, select the MobileTrader panel.
    2. Drag and drop the component into the page.
  • Delete a component:
    1. Right-click the component.
    2. Select Delete Component in the context menu.
  • Add an image:
    1. Go into Design mode and make the Mobile Image () component available to the page.
    2. In the Sidekick, in the Components tab, select the Mobile panel.
    3. Drag and drop the Mobile Image component into the page.
    4. Drag and drop an image from the Content Finder into the component.
    5. Edit the image: double-click it, modify it and click OK.
  • Add a new tab:
    1. Right-click a tab at the bottom of the page.
    2. Select New Tab in the context menu.
    3. In the Create Page dialog, add a title, a name and select the Geometrixx Mobile Trader Content Page template. Click Create.
    Note: a tab corresponds to a AEM page.
  • Delete a tab:
    1. Right-click the tab to be deleted at the bottom of the page.
    2. Select Delete Tab in the context menu.
    3. Click Yes in the Delete Page dialog.


To see the changes in the AIR application, you need to perform the steps 7 and 8 of the above procedure.

Viewing Flash Content on an iPad

When a Flash disabled device like the iPad requests a AEM page that includes Flash-AEM compatible components, AEM automatically sends the page content in HTML5 format to the device.

The following procedure shows you how to access Flash content on your iPad. To access the Mobile Trader pages:

  1. On your iPad, open the Safari browser and go to the page:
  2. Login with the default credentials (admin/admin).
  3. Click the Gx icon.
    You can also click the link Click "Add to Home Screen" to set a bookmark on the iPad Home Screen and then click the icon: you would then view the pages in the iPad app way (without e.g. the browser navigation bar).
  4. The Flash based pages are displayed on your iPad.


There is a small icon in the top right corner of the screen that tells you if you are online (green) or offline (yellow).