Some properties not updated at MSM rollout

When you roll out a page, not all adapted properties are updated on the live copy page.


At the initial rollout (when the corresponding page on the live copy does not exist yet), the whole content of a page is rolled out. So, the page is copied in its entirety.

At all further rollouts, some special properties are not rolled out again. Therefore, any change of such a property is not visible on the live copy page.

By default, the properties that aren't rolled out are special properties with a name that start with jcr:, cq: or sling:.

Most of these properties are page-specific. For example, cq:lastModified, or in some cases the page title should not be updated (such as, US Site versus UK Site).

It's possible to configure which properties are excluded from the rollout on the Apache Felix Web Management Console.  Go to http://<host>:<port>/system/console/configMgr and choose CQ WCM Rollout Manager > Excluded Properties.


Before 5.5 SP2, the excluded page properties were configured in the system console under the "Day CQ WCM Rollout Manager." With 5.5 SP2 and later, the excluded page properties settings within that panel are ignored. Property exclusion on rollout is configured as described above, in "CQ MSM Content Update Action."

If you have manually adjusted this setting in a pre-5.5 SP2 installation and are upgrading to 5.5 SP2 or later, manually transfer these settings from the old configuration panel to the new one.

See the documentation for more information.