Adobe FrameMaker XML Author 12.0.2 ReadMe

This document provides information on the following enhancements and issues resolved in the latest FrameMaker XML Author update 12.0.2:

Feature enhancements

  1. A PDF is generated from FrameMaker XML Author does not include a watermark or font-fading.

    (Ref#: 3725424)

  2. The preview map feature is also available for child maps. The preview feature is not available for Bookmaps embedded inside other Ditamaps.
    To preview child Ditamaps, you can also use the following menu:
    From the DITA menu choose Resolve Topicref(s) > Show Content.

    (Ref#: 3703081)

  3. To open a file in FrameMaker XML Author, you can now drag-and-drop files from Windows Explorer to any of the following parts of the FrameMaker XML Author user interface:
    Document window
    Modal-less dialogs
    To revert the drag-and-drop functionality, go the Edit > Preferences dialog > Interface tab and uncheck Open Documents Drag Drop.

    (Ref# 3708741)

  4. In the Structure View, you can now drag-and-drop elements into an element that does not contain any child elements.

    (Ref# 3719654)

  5. In Structure View, Shift-click the attribute of an element to collapse or expand its sibling elements’ attributes. Also, Alt-click the attribute of an element to collapse or expand its child elements’ attributes.

    (Ref# 3719657)

  6. Package FrameMaker XML Author documents, books, or Ditamaps with all related files into a zip file for distribution or backup.

    (Ref# 3708736)

  7. Files that contain unicode characters in the file or path names are not being uploaded/uploaded via Dropbox.

    (Ref# 3732237)

  8. The following external product features should be enabled for all licenses of FrameMaker XML Author:

    • Adobe Captivate:
      Launch Captivate
      Edit image with Captivate
      Insert Captivate Demo
    • Adobe Photoshop
      Launch Photoshop
      Edit image with Photoshop
    • Adobe Illustrator
      Launch Illustrator
      Edit image with Illustrator Adobe
    • Acrobat
      Send PDF through email
      Enable commenting in Adobe Reader
      Share PDF on

    (Ref# 3734049)

  9. The table cell straddle feature that allows you to combine text in adjacent cells is now supported.

    (Ref# 3754630)

  10. FrameMaker includes a HelpViewer that allows you to view context-sensitive FrameMaker Help documentation from within the product. The HelpView can also be used to view the documentation in an offline mode.

    (Ref# 3722658)

    (Ref# 3725502)

Issues resolved 

Product issues resolved 

  1. The Smart Catalog launch time the first time it is invoked after FrameMaker XML Author is launched needs to be improved.

    (Ref# 3502872)

  2. In FrameMaker XML Author, if an xdocbook application is used to generate a book from an XML file, the book generation fails since the book component (fm file) is not generated (supported in FrameMaker XML Author)
    Now, in FrameMaker XML Author, the file opens as a normal XML file.

    (Ref# 3708980)

  3. Typing anything in Ditamap resource view deletes the selected file.

    (Ref# 3708353)

  4. FrameMaker XML Author crashes if a user attempts to update the properties of a HotSpot from the HotSpot pod.

    (Ref# 3708428)

  5. FrameMaker XML Author crashes on deleting markers from the Marker pod when some stale entries are present in the pod.

    (Ref# 3708429)

  6. The keyboard shortcut Esc+e Shift+s to display Suppress Automatic Reference Updating dialog box is not working.

    (Ref# 3708430)

  7. FrameMaker XML Author crashes if you take a MathML equation out of an anchored from, edit the equation, and then undo the operation.

    (Ref# 3708739)

  8. When using regular expression Find and Change, if the text is replaced via a regular expression group, the anchors contained in the text are deleted.
    Also, the anchors were deleted for any replace string (simple string or capture groups).

    (Ref# 3709181)

  9. Menus corresponding to certain commands defined either in customui.cfg or in clients might not be visible in FrameMaker XML Author.

    (Ref# 3709427)

  10. Clicking the close (X) button in the task bar causes multiple Save dialog boxes to display.

    (Ref# 3711744)

  11. If a book or Ditamap is in focus, the Clear Search button in the Conditional Tags pod does not clear the text in the Search Text box.

    (Ref# 3717901)

  12. When collapsing the last element in the Structure view, the contents is not automatically scrolled.

    (Ref# 3719656)

  13. Dragging and dropping elements in Structure View is possible over very short distances in the structure. When dragging an element over the edge of the Structure View panel, causes the view to scroll very fast. After this is it difficult to drop the element back where the original location.

    (Ref# 3719659)

  14. The Uncheck all button that is used to uncheck all condition tags (change the tag state from IN to NOT IN) is not available in the Conditional Tags pod.
    To uncheck all condition tags, select the content in the document and click Uncheck All in the Conditional Tags pod.

    (Ref# 3733111)

  15. The default value for the image "align" attribute defined in the EDD of a structured document was not honored by FrameMaker XML Author. This has been corrected. Now, if the value for the align attribute is not defined in the document or not set through Attribute editor, then FrameMaker XML Author checks for default value defined in the EDD. If a default value is not defined in the EDD, the image is "center" aligned in the document.

    (Ref# 3709480)

FDK / ExtendScript issues resolved

  1. FP_FMConsoleString property is missing from FrameMaker XML Author 12 Object Model

    (Ref# 3709447)

  2. UserString property is not working in ExtendScript for objects other than CombinedFontsDef and Element

    (Ref# 3710454)

  3. Unable to delete menus and commands through Delete() function.

    (Ref# 3710541)

  4. Changes made to a script are not reflected on running again if the script is registered once in the session.

    (Ref# 3710822)

  5. The backslash (\) character cannot be inserted in the Find/Change dialog via FCodes in ExtendScript/FDK.

    (Ref# 3709848)

  6. The Delete() function does not work for objects

    (Ref# 3710694)


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