Feature summary | Illustrator (July 2022 release)

Learn about new features and enhancements in the July 2022 release of Illustrator on the desktop (version 26.4.1).

Create lists with the text

You can now add variety to the text that you use for your designs by using bulleted and numbered lists easily. Both the lists help your users identify the key points in the text in ordered and unordered forms. 

bullets and numbering

For more details, see Bullets and numbering 

Manage states with history panel

You can use the history panel to jump to any recent state of the design you created during the current working session. Each time you add any elements to the design, you can see new states being added to the history panel. 

states with history panel

For more details, see the History panel

Expand objects as wireframes

Use wireframes to view the underlying structure of your 3D object to ensure accuracy. You can also export wireframes as line drawings for future reference. 

expand objects as wireframes

For more details, see View 3D objects as wireframes

Export 3D objects with colors

You can now export 3D objects as OBJ files along with colors. When you export multiple objects, you can view each object as an independent modifiable object. 

export objects with colors

For more details, see Export 3D objects

Render map artwork as vector

You can now render map artwork also as a vector graphic along with the 3D object. 

render map artwork as vector

For more details, see 3D map artwork


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