InDesign Server CS6 8.0.3 Release Notes

Welcome to Adobe® InDesign® CS6 Server. This document contains late-breaking product information, updates, and troubleshooting tips not covered in the InDesign Server documentation.

Minimum system requirements

For an updated list of system requirements, visit the InDesign Server system requirements page.

Resolved issues

Please refer to Adobe Support for late-breaking information and known issues for all Creative Suite 6 applications.

InDesign Server

  • InDesign Server crashes while trying to duplicate a table with tags to a new doc. [3488416]
  • Document fonts fail to load in InDesign Server. [3635822]


  • Particular EPS files cause InDesign to crash when exporting the document to PDF. [3608014]
  • InDesign CS6 fails to recognize links when accessing them on a DAM using Adobe Drive. [3649135]
  • The Save, Save As, and Save A Copy options get disabled after performing a drag-drop from Finder or Bridge. [3653735]
  • For Hebrew and Arabic, conditional text is not highlighted correctly in the Story Editor. [3667884]
  • In the Hebrew version of InDesign, sequence of pages appears incorrectly for documents with right-to-left binding. [3669233]
  • Wrong words are highlighted in different views by Hebrew Spell checker. [3675104]
  • Objects placed in the Master pages disappear or moved to unexpected places when exported to PDF. [3675929]
  • InDesign crashes after call to SetTextSelection function in a particular situation. [3678597]
  • InDesign crashes on clicking the Links and Images Tab in the Packages dialog when the same is invoked from the Books panel. [3689149] 
  • InDesign takes about 10 seconds to complete a toggle layer visibility operation for a document with several master pages. [3689151]
  • InDesign crashes on opening an IDML that has an empty tag of a text frame with an inline text frame. [3689166]
  • InDesign crashes on exporting a CS6 file to .idml and then opening it again. [3691025]
  • InDesign crashes on exporting an idml to idml that has some particular cross-references and page references in the Index panel. [3695290]
  • Applying tag causes reflow as styles are applied incorrectly. [3151594]
  • InDesign CS6 crashes while updating various properties on Text Frames using JavaScript. [3594208]
  • InDesign crashes when dragging a word into an empty note in the text editor mode. [3623132]
  • The Fit Frame to Content function crashes InDesign. [3628642]
  • InDesign applies style incorrectly when importing tagged ICML. [3629232]
  • Indic specific: Unable to move cursor in some clustered Tamil text. [3637073]
  • The cursor jumps back to start of text as soon as it touches a note on a line containing hyphenated text. [3638783]
  • InDesign crashes while placing library items. [3646838]
  • Words are breaking but the hyphen is not shown when a discretionary hyphen is inserted. [3653718]
  • Empty text variables don't export correctly to PDF. [3656476]
  • InDesign crashes when updating a page number within a document with the page shuffling enabled and locked items are present on the pages being shuffled. [3656879]


  • The cursor position and movement don’t work as expected while working with a text frame that has two CopyFit areas. [3539539]
  • Preflight profiles embedded in a layout results in an error message in InCopy CS6 - missing 'Package and Preflight.InDesignPlugin'. [3641893]
  • InCopy CS6 crashing during import of a story with some deleted text. [3485725]
  • Unable to move the cursor passed a collapsed note using the arrow keys. [3613889]
  • InCopy crashes on opening an ICMA file that was made from a document having the Web or Digital Publishing intent. [3629800]

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