Default allocation of instructor roles to user groups in Learning Manager


All users who are allocated to a session are assigned the role of an instructor.


There are scenarios where a session may require multiple instructors, or an Administrator/Author assigns a user group to a session. This results in all users in the user group being assigned the role of an instructor.


As roles cannot be branched during bulk assignment of users in a user group, the instructor role gets assigned to all users.


Create custom user groups to filter the user roles assigned to a session. To remove the assigned instructor roles in a user group, perform the following steps:

  1. Log in as an Administrator. In the left panel, click Email Templates.

  2. To avoid email triggers for the changes to be made, click Disable All.

    Disable All
    Click to disable email trigger

  3. Navigate to Users > User group. Click Add

    user group
    Add user group

  4. Create a custom User group in the Add User Group window as follows: 

    • Enter a name for the custom group in the Name field. 
    • Under Include Learners field, add the User group for which you want to filter the instructors .
    • Under Exclude Learners field, add the users for whom you want to retain the instructor role.
    custom user group
    Customize user group

    The above steps create a list of users to be added in the inclusion set and remove specific users (instructors) mentioned in the exclusion set. 

  5. Click to Save the changes made.  

  6. Search for the created custom user group by going to Users > Internal

    search custom group
    search custom group

  7. Click the check box to select all users in the group. 

    select all users
    Select all users from list

  8. Click Actions > Remove Role > Remove Instructor


Ensure that any email triggers that were disabled in step 2 are re-enabled once completed. 


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