Adobe Dynamic Media Classic | Product Description

Effective as of July 28, 2022

What is Dynamic Media Classic, Part of Adobe Experience Manager?

Dynamic Media Classic is a platform that enables Customers to manage, enhance, publish, and deliver dynamic rich media content and personal experiences to consumers across all channels and devices, including web, print material, email campaigns, desktops, social, and mobile.

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Dynamic Media Classic: Product limitations

1.  Dynamic Media Classic

Licensing. A Dynamic Media Classic license includes up to 10 accounts set-up for use on Customer Sites, 60 gigabytes of aggregate storage space, 10 Media Portal seats, and unlimited Users for use only with Dynamic Media Classic.

Dynamic Banners Feature. Use of Dynamic Banner templates is restricted to segmented use only, not 1:1 personalization. Origin server requests for banners cannot exceed 30% of total requests for the account. In the event origin requests exceed 30% of the total requests, Customer must purchase the 1:1 Templating Add-on.

2.  Dynamic Media Classic Add-ons

Visual Configurator. Visual Configurator may only be added where Dynamic Media Classic has been licensed. Customer’s license of Visual Configurator includes 10 licenses to Image Authoring Workstation.

1:1 Templates. 1:1 Templates may only be added where Dynamic Media Classic has been licensed. 1:1 Templates is required for 1:1 highly targeted Dynamic Banners when origin server requests exceed 30% of total requests for an account.

Image Authoring Workstation. Image Authoring Workstation may only be added where Dynamic Media Classic has been licensed. Customer must not install Image Authoring Workstation on any server, shared, or hosted system that allows Image Authoring Workstation to be used or accessed by multiple Computers or used by multiple Users.

Media Portal Seat Package. A Media Portal Seat Package may only be added where Dynamic Media Classic has been licensed.

Dynamic Media Classic Definitions

Dynamic Banner means dynamically assembled rich media templates.

Media Portal Seat Package means user access to a self-serving asset portal that provides users with administrator-controlled “views” into Dynamic Media Classic assets for easy access to upload, browse, search, preview and export assets.

Visit means a site visitor’s activity on Customer Sites. A single Visit may consist of multiple page views of Customer Sites and is measured as either until the expiration of 30 minutes of the visitor’s inactivity on Customer Sites or 12 hours of continuous activity by the visitor on Customer Sites, after which a new Visit begins and will be counted.

VPM means Visits per Month and is calculated as the total number of Visits during each calendar month beginning on the first of the month following the License Term Start Date, as measured using Adobe Analytics, Customer’s server logs, or a third-party site traffic monitoring or analytics service. VPM are counted across all Customer’s sites, irrespective of Dynamic Media Classic’s use.


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