Adobe Primetime Ad Currency Optimization | Product Description

Last updated: June 11, 2019

What is Adobe Primetime Ad Currency Optimization?

Adobe Primetime Ad Currency Optimization is a service that uses advanced machine learning algorithms to create Optimization Data using Customer’s Transmitted Data. Optimization Data is placed in Customer’s Targeting Platform for Customer’s use in targeting Campaigns to selected demographic groups.

Product or Service

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Ad Currency Optimization

Cost per thousand (DPM) Impressions

On-demand Services

Product Limitations

For Campaigns run on Customer’s proprietary video player and on owned and operated website(s) and mobile application(s).


Adobe Usage Pixel means the Adobe impression pixel provided to Customer by Adobe to record impressions delivered using Optimization Data. Distributed code includes the Adobe Usage Pixel.

Campaign means an advertising campaign associated with the Optimization Data and to be measured by a Currency Provider.  

Currency Provider means a vendor that supplies advertising measurements and insights regarding the targeting of advertisements.  

Impression means the measurement of a response from a video ad delivery system to an ad request from a digital video content host, as provided in Sec. 4.1 (“Impression Counting”) of the 2018 Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Digital Video Impression Measurement Guidelines.

Optimization Data means the segment data created by the On-demand Services from Pseudonymous User Data provided by Customer, as optimized by data obtained from Currency Provider(s).

Pseudonymized ID means a unique identifier, such as a visitor ID or mobile device ID, that is associated with an individual consumer, household, group, organization or device, which in its original form or as modified by Customer ensures that the data cannot be (i) used, by itself or in combination with other information, by Adobe or a third party to identify a specific natural person or (ii) reverse-engineered, taking into account currently available technology.

Pseudonymous User Data means Customer’s user-level viewing behavior data and related Pseudonymous IDs. Customer Data includes Pseudonymous User Data.

Targeting Platform means any entity (e.g., demand-side platform, ad server, or content management platform) that has entered into an agreement with Customer authorizing such entity to access and use Transmitted Data.

Transmitted Data means any data imported into the On-demand Services from other sources (i.e., Adobe Analytics), and any data exported from the On-demand Services.  With the exception of the Optimization Data, Transmitted Data is Customer Data.


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