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Learn what's new in the latest release of Lightroom desktop and Lightroom for mobile.

Top new features

June 2021 release: Desktop version 4.3, iOS version 6.3, Android version 6.3

Premium Presets in Lightroom

Access Premium Presets for portraits, travel, cinematic edits, and more

Lightroom desktop and mobile now includes exclusive presets that have been curated with the help of professional photographers. Easily access them in the Presets panel.


Super Resolution applied to double the image resolution

Quickly enhance the quality of your photo

Use Super Resolution to easily increase the image resolution by up to four times. This is particularly helpful if you want to crop images while preserving superior photo details and crisp edges.

Share and Invite in Lightroom

Invite people to edit your album photos

You can now share group albums and invite others to edit your photos. You can see all the edits made in the Versions panel. The invitees can also add and export photos in JPG.

Custom crop in Lightroom desktop

Create Custom Crop Aspect Ratios

Lightroom desktop now lets you to create custom Crop Aspect Ratios in the Crop panel.

Supported cameras and lenses

Support for new cameras and lenses

Find newly added cameras and lenses in the full list of supported profiles.

Other feature enhancements

Other feature enhancements

Block authors and their posts in Discover. Find interactive tutorials for Color Grading in LearnLightroom on the web boasts a workspace similar to that in Lightroom desktop. Find out more below.

Previous releases of Lightroom

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