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Troubleshooting & help

Follow these step-by-step instructions to install Adobe Media Server on Windows or Linux. For further information, including how to verify an installation, see this complete list of installation articles.

Yes. You can download a 30-day free trial of Adobe Media Server for Windows or Linux.

You can find the latest updates to Adobe Media Server on the Adobe Media Server Updates page. For help with an upgrade, see Prepare to upgrade Adobe Media Server.

Find information on everything from deploying and configuring the server to using the Administration Console in this configuration and administration guide.

See this article for information on Adobe Media Server port requirements. Find additional information in Ports and Firewalls | Flash Media Server.

To connect to the Administration Console, you must have access to the Administration Server, installed on port 1111 by default.

Learn how to configure content protection for HDS and HLS.

You can build external authentication into the client-side SWF files. Learn more in Authenticate users and Authenticate clients.

Learn how to stream live media over RTMP in this brief tutorial. For information on streaming live media over HTTP, see Stream live media (HTTP) and Configure HTTP Dynamic Streaming and HTTP Live Streaming using AMS.

See Adobe Media Server on AWS help for getting started information, useful articles, tutorials, and additional resources.

Learn about Server-Side ActionScript, including information on APIs, object classes, global functions, and more.

You can set a secure password on the admin account from the Adobe Media Server Administration app. Learn more about setting admin and user passwords.

Learn how to troubleshoot issues with streaming media over HTTP, RTMP, and RTMFP.

Try resetting the administrator password. This can sometimes resolve log-in issues.

Use this troubleshooting guide to resolve hang or crash issues.

Video playback becomes choppy when the audio is muted and Aggregate Messages are enabled. Learn how to resolve choppy real-time video playback.


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