See how to create a fun and easy photo composite in Photoshop Mix that can be finished up quickly in Photoshop.

Copy assets to your Creative Cloud libraries

If you want to re-create the photo composite, you can easily create a copy of the assets with Creative Cloud libraries. Open the Whale in the Sky library in Creative Cloud Assets, and click Save to Creative Cloud to create a copy of the library in your own account.

Once in your Creative Cloud library, you can use these assets to create a photo composite in Photoshop Mix or in Photoshop.

Note: You need to be signed in to your Creative Cloud account to save assets in a library. If you have signed in to use Photoshop Mix, are using a trial version of Photoshop, or are a current Creative Cloud subscriber, then you already have an Adobe ID; your username is the email used when you signed in.

Start a new photo composite in Photoshop Mix

Launch the app on your mobile device, sign in, and tap the + sign to create a new project. Tap Creative Cloud; then tap My Libraries and locate the Whale in the sky library. Tap the Clouds background photo, and then tap Open File to add it as your background. 

You can scale, rotate, and move this image using gestures. For example, to exclude the airplane window from the canvas, pinch outward in the center of the photo.

Start combining photos

To add another image, tap the + thumbnail and navigate to the Whale in the sky library. Tap the Whale image, then tap Open File. To cut out and separate the whale from its background, tap Cut Out and then scrub over the whale with your finger or a stylus.

The edges of the cutout are refined automatically, but you can experiment with other Cut Out options to make further edits. To undo and redo an operation, tap the curved arrow in the top menu. Tap the checkmark when you're happy with the cutout. Finally, drag the whale to position it in the scene.

Tip: All of your changes are non-destructive. You can return to Cut Out at any time to use Add/Subtract to add or remove areas of the cutout as needed.

Refine your composite in Photoshop

Photoshop has powerful tools to further enhance your composite image. If you haven’t already, download a free trial of Photoshop. When you're ready to take your project to the next level, tap Share in the top menu; then tap Send to Photoshop to automatically open this layered document in Photoshop on your desktop. 

Once you launch Photoshop and are signed in to your Creative Cloud account, you'll see your composition there. Let's remove the airplane from the scene. Select the Background in the Layers panel, and click the Rectangular Marquee tool in the Tools panel on the left. Drag a marquee around the airplane to select it—as close to the edges as you can—and choose Edit > Fill. Select Contents: Content-Aware and click OK to seamlessly erase the airplane from its background. 

Tip: You can also move the airplane to a different location in the composition and have Photoshop fill in the background for you.

Add some finishing touches

As a bonus, try adding a quick special effect to your photo composite. You can blur the background to focus attention on the whale.

Select the Background layer, and choose Filter > Blur Gallery > Tilt-Shift. In the Blur Tools panel at right, make sure the Tilt-Shift checkbox is selected. Move the circular pin to a position on the whale. Adjust the horizontal lines to change the scope of the blur, and the Blur slider to change the amount of blur. Click OK to apply the special blur effect.

There's much more you can do to the composite image in Photoshop. See Edit your first photo in Photoshop to learn more editing techniques.

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