Access thousands of high-quality digital brushes from Kyle T. Webster that are part of your Adobe Creative Cloud membership at no additional cost. Download and install the popular brush packs and use them in Adobe Photoshop and Photoshop Sketch to create rich digital painting experiences.

Start in Photoshop

A small number of Kyle’s brushes are readily available in the Brushes panel. You can access even more of his brushes straight from the app.

In the Brushes panel flyout menu, select Get More Brushes.

View the vast collection of Kyle’s brushes

You’ll find thousands of Kyle’s popular brushes organized in brush packs such as Megapack, Spatter, and Halftones. To install a brush from any brush pack, just click Download to get started.

Install brushes and start painting

Locate the downloaded brush pack in your Downloads folder. In our example, we downloaded Megapack.abr. Making sure Photoshop is still open, double-click the ABR file — this automatically installs the brushes in the Brushes panel, ready to use.

You can also use Kyle’s brushes in Photoshop Sketch on your iOS or Android device. Drag any brush individually from the Brushes panel to the Libraries panel. We added the Amazing Cartoon Nib from the Inkbox folder to the default library (My Library).

Tip: Create custom brush libraries to store your favorite brushes. View Manage assets with Creative Cloud Libraries to learn how to add various types of assets to your libraries.

Access your custom brushes in Photoshop Sketch

To get started with Sketch, sign in with your Adobe ID or create one for free. Within a project, long-press any brush to access the built-in brushes, which include some of Kyle’s brushes. Tap the back arrow to access the library where you saved Kyle’s brush.

Note: We’re using Sketch on an iPad Pro. Some features and the user interface may vary between iPad, iPad Pro, iPhone, and Android devices.

Add some expressive marks

Tap the brush and start using it in your illustration.  

You can refine your brush by adjusting properties like brush size, flow, color, and more. View Create
paintings and drawings on the go
to learn how to customize any brush in Sketch. 

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