Get started with Line

Adobe Illustrator Line combines organic drawing with beautiful straight lines and perfect shapes that you can draw in plan and elevation views or in perspective. (Watch, 6 min)

FromArian Behzadi

Draw organically or with perfect precision on the iPad

Use Line to draw freeform or with precision.  

Adobe Illustrator Line lets you use common drawing tools such as a pencil, pen, brush, marker, and eraser to create freeform drawings and work intuitively using gestures. Adobe Line guides you in drawing straight lines and perfect shapes in flat planes or in perspective. Trace and draw precise shapes and add pre-drawn sketches of people, plants, furniture, and more. Publish your work to Behance and Creative Cloud.

In-app Help (0:28); Use Touch Slide (1:47); Use shape guides (2:22); Draw in perspective (3:02)

Arian Behzadi

Arian is part of a small team creating the look, feel, experience, and interactions around Adobe's new Creative Hardware endeavors.