Reinstall Acrobat XI and get answers to key questions.


This issue is resolved in October 13, 2015 release of Acrobat DC. While installing Acrobat DC, now you have the option to keep or remove the previous version (XI or X) of Acrobat.

What is Acrobat DC?

Acrobat DC is the latest version of Acrobat. In addition to new features and a streamlined interface, your subscription to Acrobat DC includes mobile apps and web services. Here are some advantages to upgrading to Acrobat Pro DC:

  • Create, export, sign, and review PDFs using the Acrobat DC mobile apps.
  • Access your PDFs from your desktop, mobile device, or web browser.
  • Fix photos of documents automatically with cropping and perspective correction.
  • Spell-check your PDFs.
  • Get signatures from others, track responses, and archive signed documents.

For more information, see the new features summary.

Am I charged for Acrobat DC?

If you have a Creative Cloud membership that includes Acrobat Pro or you subscribed to Acrobat XI Pro, you automatically get a free upgrade to Acrobat Pro DC. In addition, Acrobat Pro DC includes mobile apps and online services at no additional cost, so you can work on PDFs anywhere.

Can I install both Acrobat DC and Acrobat XI?

Yes, you can. While installing Acrobat DC, the Creative Cloud desktop application provides you an option to remove or keep the previous version of Acrobat. By default, the Remove old versions option is selected. If you want to install Acrobat DC without removing the previous version of Acrobat, clear the checkbox.

Reinstall Acrobat XI

If you installed Acrobat Pro DC and your Acrobat XI is uninstalled, follow the steps below to reinstall Acrobat XI Pro.

Step 1: Uninstall Acrobat DC

Open the Creative Cloud desktop application, click the Open button next to Acrobat DC, and click Uninstall.  

Step 2: Download and install Acrobat XI

Download the previous version of Acrobat installer from the Download Acrobat products page, double-click the downloaded file, and then follow the onscreen instructions.

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