Language support and subsetting

Web fonts include support for many different languages. Use the LANGUAGES AND WRITING SYSTEMS drop-down menu while font browsing to find fonts that support a particular language or script, or review the full language support for any font from its font family page.

Languages and writing systems menu

Language support on a font family page

Once you've selected the fonts you want and have added them to your project, choose a character set for the language support:

  • Default character set: supports English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish.
  • All Characters set: all the glyphs in the font files, including all of the supported languages for that font family.
  • Dynamic Subsetting: a custom subset containing only the characters in use on your website. This option is required for East Asian web font serving.
  • Language Subsetting: create a custom subset for the specific languages that you will be using on your website.

The OpenType Features checkbox adds any available OpenType features to your project; it can be used with any of the Character Set options. Check this option to see which OpenType features the family includes; read more about Using OpenType features in CSS.

The Vertical Features checkbox adds the OpenType features to support vertical text in Japanese fonts.

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