A wordmark logo relies on a word or phrase alone to capture the essence of your business. A fashion label may use airy fonts for a polished look, while a legal service may opt for a more traditional font to imply stability and permanence. Whatever your goal, you can create an expressive wordmark in Adobe InDesign.

Start by identifying a style you wish to convey — smart, friendly, playful — or even hint at the nature of your business.


Type your text and select it. Use the Fonts menu in the Properties panel to browse by classification; click Find More to expand your choices. You can focus your search by highlighting a font and selecting Show Similar Fonts. Click Activate to install a font from Adobe Fonts.

Note: Typekit is now Adobe Fonts. The complete library of fonts is available in the Fonts menu.


To fine-tune the appearance of our font, we selected our wordmark and chose Type > Create Outlines to create editable paths. We reshaped the serifs (decorative lines at the ends of the strokes) by selecting individual control points with the Direct Selection tool and nudging them using arrow keys on the keyboard.


Where there was no control point to manipulate, we added one with the Add Anchor Point tool before moving the points above to create new serifs.


With our wordmark looking exactly as we wanted, we selected all the letters with the Selection tool and applied a fill color in the Properties panel.



See what a difference a little personalization can make to your design.

wordmark-logo_step6BEFORE wordmark-logo_step6AFTER

Not only is our wordmark unique and memorable, but it can also be easily replicated across all our marketing and branding materials.


Adobe Stock contributor: Charlie’s

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