Turn a photo on your mobile device into a professional-looking LinkedIn head shot.

Note: Sync to Lightroom Classic CC on the desktop and the web requires a trial version of Lightroom Classic CC or a Creative Cloud Photography plan subscription. Learn more about Creative Cloud plans.

Open a photo

Open Lightroom CC on your mobile device and sign into your Creative Cloud account.

Tap the ... menu on All Photos, or an existing album and choose Add Photos. Then choose Camera Roll, or the location where the photo is on your device . Locate a headshot and tap Add Photos (on iOS) or the checkmark (on Android). Your headshot is added to the album.

Select the location where you added the photo (All Photos or an album) and tap the new photo to open it.


Select the Lightroom Photos collection and tap the new photo to open it.


Optional: Take a photo

You can also take a photo with your device camera. In Lightroom CC for mobile, tap the camera button then tap the front-facing camera icon.

You can adjust camera options while you take the picture to get the best shot possible. For instance if you're outside, tap the White Balance icon and then tap the sun (daylight) icon.

When you're done, tap the shutter button. The photo is added to All Photos in Lightroom CC on mobile.

Then tap the x in the upper left to exit the camera and then select the All Photos album. Tap the new photo to open it.


Then tap the back arrow and select the Lightroom Photos collection. Tap the new photo to open it.


Crop your photo

Tap the Crop button (if you do not see the editing tools, make sure that the menu in the upper left is set to Edit). To get the best results for LinkedIn you'll want to end up with a square image. Tap Aspect Ratio in the lower left and choose 1x1. You can move the image to reposition it within the crop box, or you can also adjust the corner handles of the crop box. Crop your photo so that your face is centered.

Tap the checkmark when you're done. Tap the back arrow to automatically sync your edits to across the Lightroom Ecosystem.


Open your photo in Lightroom Classic CC

On your desktop, open Lightroom Classic CC. Click on the Identity Plate in the upper left to make sure that Sync with Lightroom CC is turned on. On the left side of the interface, find the Catalog panel and locate your headshot in the All Synced Photographs collection. Double-click on the thumbnail and then tap D on the keyboard to switch to the Develop module to start editing. 


Edit your photo

Use the Basic panel to make adjustments such as Exposure, Contrast, or Temperature. The end result should be a nice high-contrast image. 

Finally, click Black & White to give your headshot a more professional feel.


Export your photo

Next, you need to export your headshot so that it meets the specifications for a LinkedIn photo.

Choose File > Export. Select a folder in the Export Location section of the dialog.

In the File settings section, choose JPEG from the Image Format menu.

In the Image Sizing section, enable the Resize to Fit option and choose Long Edge from the menu. Enter 400 in the pixels field.

Finally, click Export.


Upload your photo to LinkedIn

Your headshot is now ready to be added to your profile. Go to LinkedIn and follow the instructions for uploading a profile image. 

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