Common billing questions

Find answers to the most common causes for extra or unexpected charges.

Review your account, learn how to update your credit card, or follow steps to fix a missed payment.

Why do I see higher or double charges in my bill?

Wondering why you were charged more than expected or received a double charge? Here are the most common reasons:

  • Promotional price Your plan was offered at a one-time promotional price for a limited period, which ended recently.
  • Trial conversion You started a trial, which converted to a paid plan.
  • Annual payment You purchased an annual plan earlier, and it renewed recently. For example, you might have purchased Adobe Acrobat Export PDF last year, and it renewed recently. 
  • Cancellation fee You canceled an annual plan early. Annual plans are offered at a significant discount for a year's commitment, and so there is a fee for canceling annual plans.
  • Adobe Stock You purchased premium images or purchased images beyond your plan allocation.
  • Multiple accounts You purchased through two different Adobe accounts (email addresses).

  Check your account for your purchases and plan details. 

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I didn't buy anything recently. Why is there a charge on my bill?

Unexpected charges are often because of:

  • Trial conversion You forgot to cancel a trial product, and it converted to a paid subscription.
  • Annual renewal An annual plan automatically renewed.
  • Purchase for another person You purchased an Adobe product or service for a family member.

  Check your account for your purchases and plan details. 

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Other common questions

Where do I find my invoice?

You can view, download, or email your invoice from your Billing history page. 

How can I update my credit card information?

You can update your credit card or billing address from your account.

I recently canceled my plan. How long does the refund take?

Refunds usually take three to ten business days to process and get credited to your account. 

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