Take a photo with Adobe Capture CC, add a slogan and print out your cheer card to show your team spirit.

Choose your subject

Launch Adobe Capture CC on your mobile device.

Tap the Shapes menu option. Tap the plus (+) icon.

You can take a photo and turn it into a shape, or you can use an existing photo:

  • To take a photo: Focus on the subject you wish to capture in your view finder.
  • To use an existing photo: Tap the "Capture From" icon (bottom right) to choose an existing photo from your camera roll, Creative Cloud Libraries, or other source.
  • Photo subjects with plain backgrounds work best.  

The picture you choose will appear.


Define and refine shape details

In the Live Preview, Drag the slider handle (1) to capture more or less detail for your subject.  

Tap the Capture button (2) to capture the image.

The Refine screen appears. If necessary, tap Remove from Shape and drag your finger to remove any unwanted details from your shape. If you mistakenly remove a detail, tap Keep in Shape and drag your finger over the detail you wish to recover.

Tap Next in the upper right corner.

Capture shows Preview of your shape, indicating: "Drawing smooth curves." Once you are satisfied with your shape, tap Next.


Save your shape to your Creative Cloud Library

Type a name for your shape.

Select a Creative Cloud Library to save your image to. The Creative Cloud Library dialog box will appear. You can see all of your libraries and select one of them, or add a new library.

Once you have selected your library, tap Save Shape.


Design your cheer card in Adobe Illustrator CC

Open Adobe Illustrator CC on your desktop. Click New in the Start Screen to create a new document.

In the New Document window, name your project, and set up your new file:

  • Profile: Select Custom.
  • Size: Select Letter.
    (Letter size is 8.5 x 11 inches for printing on a home printer. You can select a larger size if your printer has that capability, or you can print the larger size at a professional print shop.)
  • Orientation: Select landscape orientation (second option).

Click OK.  


Add a color background to your card

Click the Rectangle tool (M) and draw a box that covers the entire canvas.

Double-click the color swatch to open the Color Picker.

Pick your team colors from the Color Picker, or, for this bright yellow color, the CMYK values are: C:0, M:20, Y:100, K:0.  


Add a slogan to your card

Click the Type tool (1). Click a spot at the top of the yellow card, and type your slogan.  

Click the Selection Tool (2) and double-click your slogan. Click Character (3) in the control panel at the top of the screen to bring up the Type tool.

Choose a bold font and size (this example uses the Acumin Pro Black font, and 160pt size). Double-click the color swatch and select a color from the color picker, or enter the CMYK values for a blue sky color: C:70, M:40, Y:0, K:0.


If you want to explore thousands of free typefaces, click the font menu (4) in the Character dialog box, and then click the Typekit icon.


Add your captured shape

Click the Creative Cloud Libraries icon and open the library where you saved your Adobe Capture shape.

Locate your captured shape from the Graphics section of your Creative Cloud Library. 

Click and drag the shape from the Creative Cloud Library panel onto your page. To enlarge the shape to fit the card, click the Selection Tool (solid arrow) and the Shift key, while clicking and dragging a corner handle of the shape to enlarge it.

Double-click the color swatch and select your team's color, or enter these values in the CMYK area for a deep blue color: C:100, M:90, Y:30, K:0.


Print or post your cheer card

Your cheer card is now complete.

You can resize and print Adobe Capture CC and Illustrator CC artwork with no loss of quality.

And, if you can't make it to the game, export your image from Adobe Illustrator CC as a JPEG format and post your cheer card to social media to show your team spirit.


Students, ensure that you have your school's permission to use any trademarked or copyrighted subjects in your cheer card.

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