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Send an agreement to the same email address twice

Sometimes two or more people share an email address, and it's necessary to get all of their signatures on one document.

This is easily done through Adobe Sign, using the same process as getting unique signatures from different email addresses.

Because a unique legal signature requires a unique logged event, you must add as many recipients as there are signers.  In this case, all recipients have the same email address.

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  1. On the Send page, enter the email address in the Recipient fields - once for each signer of the agreement

    In the below example, three signers will sign from the same email address:

    Two Recipients with the same email address
  2. Drag-and-drop a file to the Files section, or click the Add Files link to attach a document from your library or network.

    Attach a document
  3. Select Preview & Add Signature Fields and click Next.

    Enable Preview and Add Signature Fields
  4. The first instance of the email address you entered (at the top of the recipient list) is the first individual to sign.

    • Notice the color blocks next to the individual recipients. These match the color flag on each field assigned to the recipient
    • When a recipient is active, there will be a check in their color box
    • Any fields placed for the active recipient is automatically assigned to that recipient

    Drag fields from the right rail onto the document for the first recipient

    Place the first signer fields
  5. In the Recipients pop-up menu, choose the second iteration of the email address.

    • The second signer has a different color block
    • After being selected, you will see the check in the second signers block
    • The recipient displayed in the interface is the second signer
    Place the second set of fields for the second signer
  6. Drag-and-drop fields for the second recipient onto the document in the necessary places.

    • The fields placed have the color flag of the second recipient
    Select the second instance of the email


    The fields assigned to the active recipient are brighter in the interface than fields assigned to other recipients (which are muted gray).

  7. Step text

    Repeat steps 5-6 for any additional recipients

  8. When you've placed all of the fields needed, click Send.


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