Adobe Story application for iOS-based devices


Adobe ended the Adobe Story CC service on January 22, 2019. Both Adobe Story CC and the Adobe Story CC (Classic) are discontinued. The Adobe Story CC offline application has also ended. See End of service FAQ for more information.

The Adobe® Story application for iOS-based devices allows you to read and review Adobe Story scripts and free form documents. The application currently does not support AV Scripts, Multicolumn scripts, and TV scripts.


The Adobe Story application for iOS-based devices is currently available only in English.

Logging in to the Adobe Story application

Register yourself with Adobe Story using the web or desktop application of Adobe Story before you attempt to log in to the iOS-based application.

Enter the credentials you used when registering yourself with Adobe Story to log in to the application. Accept the Terms Of Use before attempting to log in.

Logging out of the Adobe Story application

  1. Tap Account.

  2. Tap Log Out.

View documents, scene outline, and scenes

  • When you log in to the Adobe Story application, the ten most recently read files are displayed. To view all the documents, click Categories.


The shared documents are displayed with a shared icon.

  • To view the scene outline for a script, tap the script in the Recent Files or Categories view.

    In the scene outline view, the number of new comments for the scene are displayed.

  • To view the contents of a scene, tap the scene in the scene outline. Use the arrow icons to move among the scenes in a script.


For documents with tracked changes, the Show Final mode is used to display content. For users with reader permissions, the Show Original mode is used to display content.

View notifications

In the Recent Files view, tap Notifications. A list of notifications is displayed. The new notifications appear highlighted.

When you tap a notification, the document related to the comment or edit is displayed. The number of new comments for a scene are displayed to the right of the scene heading.

To view the latest notifications, pull down the notifications list. New notifications appear at the top of the list. For older notifications, pull up the list. The list of notifications is loaded in batches of 10.

Review scripts

You can review a script if you have author, co-author, or reviewer permissions.

  1. Open the script, and navigate to the scene.

  2. Do one of the following:

    • Double tap to select the content that you want to comment on. Tap on Comment to enter your comment. Alternatively, tap the Add Comment button.

    • To comment on content that has been previously commented on, enter your comment in Write New Comment.

    • To navigate among comments, use the arrow icons.

  3. Click Post.


Although the entire paragraph appears highlighted for a comment, the comment is applied only to the selected word or phrase.

View/Delete comments

  • In the scene containing comments, tap Comments. The list of comments is displayed. When you tap a comment in the list, the paragraph containing the comment is highlighted.

  • To delete a comment, tap a comment in the list. Tap Delete.

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