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Adobe Campaign is a software application that lets you coordinate the creation of conversational marketing campaigns. Adobe Campaign Standard has innovative features to model, streamline, and automate marketing and customer communication processes. Learn more.

Consult intuitive step-by-step guides to get started with Adobe Campaign Standard.

Learn how to import, create and manage audiences in Adobe Campaign.

You can use Adobe Campaign Standard to design and send personalized emails to a targeted audience. Find out more.
Learn Adobe Campaign Delivery Best practices before creating your first email. 


Learn how to create a workflow by segmenting a population to send emails and SMS messages.

Configuring & Administering

You can use a workflow to automate profile import in Adobe Campaign Standard.

Understand roles, groups and user management in Adobe Campaign through a dedicated use case.

Discover how to instantly update a customer's profile with a promo code generated from an external system. Learn more.

Use Campaign Standard APIs to create integrations and build your own ecosystem by interfacing Adobe Campaign Standard with the panel of technologies that you use. Learn how to work with the Adobe Campaign Standard APIs.

Discover how to integrate Adobe Campaign and Analytics and send personalized emails to your customers based on their behaviors, that were tracked on your website. Learn more.

Troubleshooting & Help

Find direct links to the latest updates in Adobe Campaign documentation by browsing this page.

Watch video tutorials for common tasks in Adobe Campaign Standard.

Find specific information, best practices, how-to and troubleshooting materials on the knowledge base.

All the latest features, updates and fixes in Adobe Campaign.

Campaign Community & Learning

Join the growing Adobe Campaign Community of expert users around the world. They range from people new to Campaign to seasoned experts.  We are there to help you from questions about capabilities through to helping with development questions. We hold regular Expert sessions with internal and external expert users and help produce articles and tutorials for you.

Join the community today for access to the best content, people and knowledge. It's open to everyone, if you have an interest in Campaign, then you're welcome.

All the official Adobe Campaign training courses are listed on our training hub.

The Experience Cloud community is available to you on Twitter @AdobeExpCare.

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