Learn how to publish your Adobe Muse site to a third-party hosting service by directly uploading your site, and by exporting your site and uploading the files manually.

Upload your sites to your preferred hosting provider.

With Adobe Muse, you can preview your sites for review and testing before taking them live. When you are ready to publish, you can choose to host with Adobe or with the provider of your choice. If you’ve set up a hosting account with a third-party hosting provider, enter your account details into the built-in FTP Upload feature in Adobe Muse. Or if you prefer, choose Export as HTML to export the site to your desktop, and then upload the files using the FTP client of your choice.


Upload to third-party FTP Host

Use this method to publish sites using a third-party hosting provider without leaving Adobe Muse.

Choose File > Upload to FTP Host.

Enter the hosting account details you received from your provider: the server address, user name, and password. Enable Store Credentials to securely store your account details so that you only have to enter them once. In the next screen, enter the site’s domain name, click OK and you’re good to go.

Anytime you make changes to the original Adobe Muse file, re-publish the site following the same steps. Adobe Muse will keep a manifest of the changes, and upload only the aspects of the site that have been modified. Adobe Muse does all the heavy lifting while putting your site on any web server.


Export site and upload files manually

If you set up a hosting account with a third-party provider and you prefer to manage the transfer process manually using an FTP client like FileZilla or FireFTP, you can export the site files. Use this option if you need secure FTP or if your hosting environment is inside a firewall.

Choose File > Export as HTML.

Enter the domain name and set a folder destination for the files. Click OK to export the site files to your computer.

Launch your preferred FTP client, enter your hosting account details to connect to your provider’s server, and then upload the entire folder of files.

Whenever you publish a new site, wherever you host it, be sure to visit the live site using a mobile or desktop browser to test it before sharing the URL with the world.

Tip: After editing a site in Adobe Muse, upload the entire folder of site files again to ensure the local and remote versions stay in sync.

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