Is there a way to export A4T data classifications from Analytics?


Adobe Analytics
Analytics-for-Target (A4T) integration


There are several ways to export A4T classification data:

  1. Go to "Admin > Classification Importer > Browser Export". 
    1. Select the appropriate report suite and date range to export 
    2. Select TnT variable for A4T classifications
    3. This downloads a TAB-delimited file.
  2. Alternately, classifications can be exported to a Server via FTP. 
    1. Go to "Admin > Classification Importer > FTP Export".  
    2. The FTP option allows for exporting a variable from across multiple report suites.
    3. The destination server should allow for passive mode authentication via FTP.
  3. Also, if it is required to automate the exports, Classifications API can be used to get the exports periodically.

If there is a need to automate on a server using FTP/SFTP, Adobe Engineering Services can help setup the exports. Contact your Account Manager, to have this option scoped.

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