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Errors when saving a letter


One of the following errors displayed when saving a letter:

  • Data binding not present for the text module
  • Please provide the property information needed for the following


These errors could occur due to one of the following:

  • A data dictionary is bound to the letter but is not present on the server. 
  • A data dictionary is bound to the letter but has an underscore (_) in its name.


Ensure that the data dictionary you are using in the letter is present on the server and does not have an underscore (_) in its name. 

Error when previewing a letter


While previewing a letter, the error "Error in loading letter: Could not import asset from XML input" appears even when a previously unpublished text asset in the letter is published.


Reset the letter cache on the publish instance using the following steps and then retry viewing the letter:

  1. Go to http://[server]:[port]/[contextPath]/system/console/configMgr and log in as Admin.

  2. Select Correspondence Management Configurations.

  3. In Correspondence Management Configurations, disable Enable Letter Cache and then click Save.

  4.  Enable Enable Letter Cache and then click Save.

  5. Retry viewing the letter.

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